3 Panel World Map Canvas Wall Art

3 Panel World Map Canvas Wall Art

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Please note all of our canvases come rolled and are unframed and unstretched.
  • Vintage World Map 
  • Premium Cotton Rolled Canvas
  • Unframed and Unstreched
  • Waterproof Ink
  • High-Resolution Print

    Worldly and wonderful, this three-panel depiction of a world map is smart, compelling, and unpretentious, employing an alternative touch to transform a tired convention of traditional decor into something fresh.

    The set is available in five sizes and can only be purchased with all three pieces involved - this is an unconventional series of works, as all three are equally important to appreciating the entirety of the work.

    Like a standard map, these prints are a natural fit on just about any wall, anywhere. However, the creativity employed in the design of this series brings this three-panel portrait beyond the scope of a conventional map. So, this expertly printed onto canvas using high-quality waterproof ink makes a stronger, more memorable impression.

    Perfect for anybody who is fascinated with world travel, this vintage set will work wonderfully in your own home or as a gift!

    This world map canvas series is a fine example of ‘keeping it simple.’ When we mount pieces of art upon our walls within the home or office, it seems that modest, simple, and approachable pieces of art are almost always more widely appreciated than examples which opposes these ideals.

    A conventional map split into three equal portions, images quite similar to this world map canvas series are typically not considered art- however, this is a precise indicator as to why these adaptations are so clever. A standard wall map is little more than an ‘everyday’ decoration; here, this standard image is transformed into a work of art. Though quite simple, the transformation invites us all to see the beauty in the mundane- to observe the ‘usual’ with a refreshed perspective.

    In the three-panel series, each piece contains a different section of the world map. Removed from their contextual fellows in the set, each of these vintage world map canvas prints will evoke a different feeling or emotion, based on the experiences of whoever is looking.

    Available in five sizes these long, rectangular, and artistic depictions of our planet can also be had in your choice of color scheme. The "dark print" is significantly bolder and brighter, while the "light print" adds a more nuanced, delicate touch to the room in which it is featured.

    Just as maps are found on walls just about everywhere, this little collection of unframed portions of the standard image will fit into a wide variety of homes and commercial spaces- contributing a nuanced revision to a classic convention of decor.
    Anyone with a passionate curiosity for geography or world travel will appreciate the simple ingenuity of these compelling pieces.

    All three of these unframed map sections is expertly printed onto canvas using high-quality waterproof ink.