Nordic Forest Canvas Wall Art
Nordic Forest Canvas Wall Art
Nordic Forest Canvas Wall Art

Nordic Forest Canvas Wall Art

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Please note all of our canvases come rolled and are unframed and unstretched.
  • Minimal Nordic Landscapes 
  • Premium Cotton Rolled Canvas
  • Unframed and Unstreched
  • Waterproof Ink
  • High-Resolution Print

    This set of Nordic canvas wall art is undeniably majestic. Each of the three works in this series of prints represents a moment in time in which fog is rolling through a heavily forested mountainside. Through the series, a flock of birds become a part of this simple saga.

    These high-res prints on canvas make for a brilliant touch of sophisticated fine art at an affordable cost.

    The common belief that a room is not complete unless some form of art decorates and enlivens the walls is often proven right- and is rarely proven wrong. Sometimes, we come upon a series of works that is particularly accomplished in being unpretentiously beautiful that we know the piece of art could help complete and contribute to the aesthetic of any room on the planet. This incredible Nordic canvas art speaks to the heart, mind, and soul in an graceful manner.

    The underlying image is a forest, shrouded in mountainous missed. Within the set, there are three different pieces which are all equally stunning. Featuring Nordic landscapes, the prints are on high quality canvas- in an impressively high resolution- with beautiful, waterproof ink. They are also unframed, as a frame is not needed to accentuate the beauty of these particular pieces.

    The forest in the first picture of the series sets a baseline tone, as the second picture sees a flock of dark birds fly into the mist. Next, in the third picture, the flock has traveled from the right corner of the canvas to the upper left corner of the canvas, and, in each piece, the fog has shifted organically. The series of pieces explores one event, a few distinct moments of time, interconnected in their Simplicity and commonality. However, even though this may be a common occurrence, the beauty of the existence of these natural elements of life are not often recognized and fully appreciated. Thus, this Nordic Forest canvas series brings us back to what is truly important, to the highest function of art, to remind us that there is beauty in the everyday.

    Moreover, these pieces can be purchased, either separately or together, in a variety of different sizes, so you can decide how much impact you want them to have on the room in which they will be placed. From 8.27 by 11.81 in, all the way to 19.69 by 27.56 in, there are four different sizes.

    If these splendid prints inspire you, there is nothing preventing you from adding them to your repertoire.