Animals Bubble Gum Art Canvas Wall Art
Animals Bubble Gum Art Canvas Wall Art
Animals Bubble Gum Art Canvas Wall Art
Animals Bubble Gum Art Canvas Wall Art

Animals Bubble Gum Art Canvas Wall Art

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Please note all of our canvases come rolled and are unframed and unstretched.
  • Quirky Modern Style
  • Premium Cotton Rolled Canvas
  • Unframed and Unstreched
  • Waterproof Ink
  • High-Resolution Print

    Fun, stylish, and somehow sophisticated, this series of animals blowing bubbles is one of the more surprising artistic expressions that you will experience.

    Not to burst your bubble or anything, but featuring a high-quality quirky cotton canvas print like any of these pieces featured in your home is precisely the type of decor choice that is bound to start conversations and entertain all types of people.

    This set of animal pictures is completely quirky and creative.

    When purchasing art, we sometimes find ourselves stuck between works which are esoteric and those which are approachable and fun (but less "serious"). The line between sophistication and pretentiousness is often a thin one, and- often- the art we experience seems a little bit detached from something with which we can actually connect. Just because a painting has a high monetary value or appears to be meaningful, doesn't mean we will (or should) care about it. Although, on the other hand, some art is just plain... Many landscapes seem cliche and portraits appear milquetoast.

    Printed with high quality ink, this modern series of animal canvas art succeeds in doing something totally distinct.

    In the set, there are four different animals; each of them is blowing a bubble with gum. The classic yet surprising pink bubble strongly implies that these animals have been chewing bubblegum- but, not only have these animals been chewing bubblegum, they have learned to blow quite an impressive and massive bubble with it. Of course, this is absurd, but there's something about the style in which it is, as well. However, with the bubble gum, these prints facilitate a joyful experience, as the series is created to make a lasting impression.

    This unusual blend of realistic portraits of the animal and the obviously absurd concept of these animals blowing their bubblegum creates a compelling juxtaposition. Despite popular belief, high art does not necessarily have to be severe or stoic.

    Due to their enigmatic nature, these pieces can make a statement wherever they are showcased, commercially or privately.

    Each work of art in the set is available in many sizes, from 8.27 x 11.81 inches (21 x 30 cm), all the way up to 27.56 x 39.37 inches (75 x 100 cm). The smaller versions make a relatively minor (but equally quirky) impact on an environment, while the largest, at a meter in size, will surely make a major splash.

    If that is what you were looking for- something that is intellectually stimulating while also being approachable and accessible to everybody who looks at it- this series contains the wall art for you.

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