Gold Abstract Cushion Cover
Gold Abstract Cushion Cover
Gold Abstract Cushion Cover
Gold Abstract Cushion Cover

Gold Abstract Cushion Cover


  • Glam Chic Pattern
  • Woven
  • Linen / Cotton
  • Size: 45cm x 45 cm (18 in x 18 in)
  • Hidden Zipper

Easily removed and machine washable !

Although it is true that gold is royal by nature, and is connected with a wealth of connotations regarding majesty and luxury, this line of gold pillow cases consists of solely affordable pillow accessories made from cotton linen. There are four options, ranging from evocative palm trees to loud and fun quotes like “Treat yo self!”

Each of the pillow cases in this series plays within the glam chic style in a unique manner, and, in this way, the luxurious appearance is not necessarily deceptive. This set of pillowcases is also made in a fashion that is decidedly eco-friendly.

Sometimes, a good pillow simply needs a new case. So, go ahead... “Treat yo self!”

Sometimes the pillow is still comfortable, but the color or design of the pillowcases is in need of a little bit of a refresher; you just need a little bit of a change. Woven in a classy and fun glam chic design, that is precisely what these cushion covers are meant to achieve, and they will certainly serve that function with a regal ability to comfort and impress.

This gold abstract pillowcase cushion cover is exactly the kind of thing that you should treat yourself to, as the title suggests. Well, the "Treat Yo Self!" pillow is just one of four options. There is also a white and gold palm tree, in which the gold is shiny and metallic just like on the other pillows. Then, one powerfully portrays the word "Love" in cursive. Finally, the last case in this set is quite abstract and beautiful in comparison to its more straightforward peers. Apparently, this beautiful abstract is a depiction of a tree branch. However, this particular design looks like it could be open to interpretation, in the best sort of way.

Made from cotton linen, these pillowcases are 45 cm by 45 cm in size; so, they suit a very specific format of pillow. Still, in terms of the way that each gold pillow case fits into many types of rooms, different models within this line of cushion covers can blend into different spaces, ranging between any level of class or sophistication. And yet, they do have a special something about them that allows them to stand out, even in the most exquisite surroundings.

These pillows make for great gifts. Partners, children, friends, family members, and someone you just randomly drew a 'Secret Santa,' it does not really matter who- this chic pattern and style will absolutely appeal to somebody in your life, if not almost everybody. This set of pillowcases is also made in a fashion that is decidedly eco-friendly.

Gold and white are just one of those color combinations which seem to seamlessly make themselves at home in just about any home. This series of pillow cushions and cushion covers is certainly not an exception to that rule, in fact, this series of fine gold and white covers maybe the rule itself epitomized. Although some are decidedly more classy than the others, for example, the "Treat Yo Self!" model is likely better for an informal setting or scenario, while the palm tree and tree branch designs could comfortably fit into even the most sophisticated of environments.