Bamboo Sheep Coaster Set (6 Pieces)
Bamboo Sheep Coaster Set (6 Pieces)
Bamboo Sheep Coaster Set (6 Pieces)

Bamboo Sheep Coaster Set (6 Pieces)

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  • Eco-Friendly
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Novelty Sheep Shape
  • 6 Piece Set
  • 10.5 x 17cm (HxL)
Who says style can’t come with a sense of play? There is no need to be sheepish about it-- this eco-friendly set of bamboo coasters is ideal for the ironic & rustic stylistic sentiments and trends of today.

This sheep-themed coaster set makes an excellent addition to any environment; a little dash of good-humor and adorable ambiance which immediately becomes a quirky element of a room’s aesthetic.

These novelty coasters come in a set of six, and, when they are collected together as a whole rather than being used, the set of coasters actually becomes a compelling, cohesive sculpture of a sheep.

Not only are they useful, but they are also cost-effective and fun.

Cute. Hip. Un-baa-lievable value.

In a world where everything takes itself a bit too seriously, the desire for making fun statements out of life’s little things only grows more prominent. This novelty coaster set is also quite beautiful in its simplicity, humbly bringing you and your guests back to the natural world, with a feeling that is a little bit silly- juxtaposing the occasional mundanity of the modern urban atmosphere. Besides this, they are also unassumingly exquisite in their presence.

This set of six coasters is cost-effective and eco-friendly, and it can replace the conventional coasters in your life while providing a whole lot of character and heart. Of course, bamboo coasters such as these are useful in protecting the surfaces in your home from dreaded cup rings and moisture stains. Simultaneously, they add a dash of folksy, rustic decor when in use- and, when these are not in use, they become an artistic decoration. When the coasters are not being used, each one is a section of the sheep's wool. When all six are in use, it will be as if the sheep has recently been sheared.

Whether it is your home or office which needs a serious dash of good-humor- or is already suited to such a cute folk art feel-- these novelty coasters will make an impression on everyone who enters. Purchase a set for yourself or consider giving these to a friend or family member as a gift. These cute coasters are appealing to people of any age.

Although all six coasters are the same size, the set of six is built to suit a wide variety of glasses and containers of various sizes. Each coaster provides its delicate touch of protective, practical design for the tables in your home or office. Together, the entire set comes in at 10.5 x 17 cm. Each coaster has a rounded perimeter which appears almost like a little cartoon cloud.

We must mention, as well, that these novelty coasters are not only fun and funny, but they are also a positive force for the environment; these sheep-shaped silly coasters are made from eco-friendly bamboo.