Toast Serving Plate Set

Toast Serving Plate Set



  • Material: Ceramic
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Technique: Under Glazed
  • Quantity: 2
  • Ceramic Type: Porcelain

This decadent toast-shaped plate is the epitome of cute and quirky decor. Created in the shape of the outline of a piece of bread in way that is unique, appealing, and brilliantly designed, this is a perfect plate for breakfast with guests.

The good humor behind the idea is executed with exquisite craftsmanship, unpretentious design, and high-quality materials; the result is plateware which balances aesthetic sophistication with light-hearted fun.

A perfect kitchen addition for serving up breakfast or brunch, the plates are made from high-quality, eco-friendly porcelain ceramic. They are also rather large in size-- capable of handling a heaping pile of classic breakfast foods, and maybe even a cup of coffee on the side!

Charming plates like this make for great gifts for anybody who appreciates light-hearted design sensibilities-- including yourself!

Sometimes, we yearn for the often-mundane elements of life to have some form of real, interesting personality; why not your serving dishes set?

It is a unique treat to eat your meal on a plate which is shaped precisely like what you are eating-- this toast-shaped serving dish set allows that rare occurrence to become as standard as you desire. Although it is undoubtedly a silly concept, the execution is quite ornate. The white plate is shaped like a piece of bread and outlined by the carefully applied brown “crust” along the plate’s rim. There is even beautiful cursive text on the plate, too.

Just like previous generations had their “nice ceramics” for special occasions, this is an example of millennial “fun ceramics” to feed your guests with-- an ideal option for big mounds of special lazy Sunday breakfast and brunch.

Because these ceramic toast plates are genuinely unique, they make for excellent gifts, too; perfect for the funky millennials in your life- or anybody who is passionate about eating their meals in a fun fashion! For birthdays, weddings, and holidays- this is the type of gem that people just don’t often buy for themselves, but love when somebody purchases it for them. Which also begs the question: why not order one for yourself, too?

The set features two of these lovely toast-shaped plates, and the price is quite reasonable considering the level of craftsmanship required to design and create these interesting pieces. The dishes are sizeable, too, enough for a big, full breakfast and maybe even a cup of coffee or tea in the corner, as well.

The plates are made from beautiful porcelain ceramic, which is a remarkably high-quality material for a plate set. The product is eco-friendly and it its finish is applied in an “under-glazed” fashion.

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