Copper String Fairy Lights

Copper String Fairy Lights

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  • Voltage: 3V
  • Lighting Distance: 1-5m
  • Length: 500cm
  • Light Source: LED Bulbs
  • Body Material: Plastic
  • Head Number: 20-50 head
  • Battery Type: AA

There is magic in the quaint simplicity and understated elegance of fairy lights; their ability to fill a room with a mystical sort of lightness and joy is something that other light sources just can't do. These copper string fairy lights do precisely this with effortless grace.

Gently sharing light at 3 volts, the length of one of these lines of copper string fairy lights is roughly 500 centimeters, with 20-50 LED bulbs lights.

Made from plastic in an eco-friendly manner and running entirely on just two AA batteries, exceptional fairy lights like this carry the uncanny ability to spread out on their copper string and shine light directly into the heart and soul.

What about fairy lights is it that makes them so in chanting and beautiful?

This string of mystical, elegant fairy lights is overflowing with everything that can make this type of light source seem so magical and buoyant.

Indoors or outdoors, these charming fairy lights never look out of place-- even when Christmas is nowhere near being around the corner; indeed, these fairy lights make sense in all seasons. They will make the winters more beautiful, just as they will accentuate the life of spring, lighting up the summer nights and bringing much-needed brightness as the fall becomes to winter again. Because this economically sound option is also and environmentally-friendly, these lights' glory is intensified even more so

The length of a line of copper string fairy lights is roughly 500 centimeters, on average, bringing light to the areas directly touched by the light, which carries an electric potential of 3 volts. This product's body material is purely plastic, and head number is 20-50.

The lights don't look out of place in any room; in fact, they bring a sort of whimsical sophistication to any environment.

The light source is LED bulbs, and it runs on only a couple of AA batteries. Though these may not work as the primary source of light for a room in which specific activities have to be done, these fairy lights generate just enough light to create a low "beyond the ordinary" atmosphere in which you can still see and function.