LED Cinema Light Box
LED Cinema Light Box
LED Cinema Light Box

LED Cinema Light Box

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 Light up your life: Create reminders, greetings, quotes, dates and more!

Super easy to use, just slide letters on and off the box to change your message. This is a fun home decoration item. Includes a total of 170 letters, numbers and symbols.

Leave it standing or hang it on the wall!

Bringing one of these marquee lightbox signs into your life is an excellent way to enlighten your everyday living. This exciting sign is totally customizable and extremely easy to use, it just consists of collecting a stock of letters and deciding what you want to be showcased with this shining white and black light, much like the ones that traditionally grace the entry to the cinema.

More than anything, this is a little bit of fun in the household that is also sophisticated and classy.

This is customizable, ever-changing, and comes from a deeply beloved cultural nostalgia which is widely appreciated.

It is difficult to think of something that is more iconic and classic than the image of a cinema's lit up rectangular sign; it seems like this old iconic symbol has been persistent in our culture for so long that it is just going to stay there. Indeed, even though many cinemas no longer use these old school signs, these signs manage to find ways to repurpose themselves at vintage theaters and various random businesses-- and now you have the opportunity to bring one of these into your very own home.

The set of characters comes with 170 letters, numbers, and symbols. The entire kit is 85 pieces, and the set comes with two of the letter kits. In a single package, there is at least one of every single letter in the alphabet, sometimes two of the more common ones. With some vowels, like the letter E, there are four While others like I and O have three. It's not just vowels though; there are also three L's. Clearly, somebody has done a whole lot of work to realize what the most important letters to get a message across are, regarding which one you want multiples of, and how many multiples you want. There are also symbols, including: your standard pound sign (#), question mark (?), at sign (@), ampersand (&), and a quick series of emojis which includes a heart, a birthday cake, a music note, a set of feminine lips, a sad face, and a happy face.

Again, even though this type of idea seems like it might require a high-maintenance execution and be challenging to use, this is absolutely not the case. It is incredibly effortless to grasp the basic techniques of spelling the message on this that you want to share. You just have to slide the letters into the accessible screen to easefully make your message. Removing the letters or replacing them to alter or change your message is just as easy.

Whether you are going to spell out regular movie titles, use the board to create messages for your housemates, or create reminders for yourself (quotes that inspire you, or something else of the like) this is a tool that lets you do that in the easiest and most effective way possible.