Industrial Rope Pendant Lights
Industrial Rope Pendant Lights
Industrial Rope Pendant Lights
Industrial Rope Pendant Lights
Industrial Rope Pendant Lights

Industrial Rope Pendant Lights

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Style: Vintage Pendant Lights
Technics: Hand Knitted
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Warranty: 2 years
Number of light sources: 1
Certification: CCC
Lighting Area: 15-30 square meters
Base Type: E27
Voltage: 90-260V

Important: Bulb not included.

It is not uncommon for urbanity to borrow from its predecessors, but these rope pendant lights embody a particularly stylish marriage between tradition and modern ingenuity. Perfect for anybody looking for something elegant in its roughness and stylish in an ironic and unexpected sort of way, these lights can make a charming impact on a wide variety of aesthetic themes.

These lights are available with a light on just one end, or with a light on both ends. There are a variety of options regarding the length of rope and the number of lights, but the idea of this conceptual lighting design is constant through each variation of the product; the nine different sizes range from 100 cm to 500 cm, rising in increments of 50.

Each bulb has a general lighting area of roughly 15 square meters, and functions at a voltage between 90-260 V. The rope’s technics are hand-knitted and feature high-quality LED bulbs, which carry a two-year warranty and are CCC certified.

Somehow urban, classic, and folk-ish all at once, this vintage rope pendant light manages to encapsulate all sorts of stylistic contradicts while achieving something that is simultaneously simple and brilliant. Using hand-knitted ropes ranging from 1-5 meters in length, each pendant light features a bulb on either one of its ends or both.

These lights are often wrapped around something like a horizontal wooden beam hanging from a ceiling, and the timeless aesthetic of hanging rope is welcome in more environments and atmospheres than one might assume. Well-suited to add a rustic touch to any living room or bedroom, these rope pendant lights will not sit quietly in the background of any environment; in this way, they represent a bold stylistic choice. Each bulb lights its surrounding 15 square meters so a double head rope pendant light will reach roughly 30 meters.

If you desire the addition of a vintage touch to be added to your home or place of business, this is undoubtedly the lighting choice you have been waiting to make. Anybody looking for something a bit funky and fun, while still maintaining a rustic type of sophisticated charm, will love these rope pendant lights.

The ropes are available in various sizes: 100 CM, 150 CM, 200 CM, 250 CM, 300 CM, 350 CM, 400 CM, 450 CM, and 500 CM. Beyond this, each of these sizes can be purchased with a bulb on just one end or bulbs on either end. There are nine sizes, and any of those nine sizes are available in a “single head” or “double head” style. The basic appearance remains the same, but there is no denying the difference between 100 CM and 500 CM (1 meter and 5 meters / roughly 333 inches and 1650 inches); it is up to you to choose what is best for your space.

Very few household decor items walk the delicate line of industrial and decorative as well as these rope pendant lights. The rope is hand-knitted, the pendant requires LED bulbs, and the warranty on the product lasts for an entire two years.

The product is also CCC certified.

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