Vintage Web Pendant Light
Vintage Web Pendant Light
Vintage Web Pendant Light
Vintage Web Pendant Light
Vintage Web Pendant Light

Vintage Web Pendant Light

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Style: Vintage Industrial
Finish: Iron
Certification: CQC,CE,RoHS,CCC
Body Material: Iron
Base Type: E27
Lighting Area: 10-15 square meters
Warranty: 3 Years
Switch Type: Knob switch
AC110-260V 50/60Hz

Important: Bulb not included

Styled in a ‘vintage industrial’ aesthetic, these lights do not just blend seamlessly-- they make a statement while they do it. These pendant lights work in kitchens, living rooms, dining spaces, and lounging areas within a home or place of business.

Vintage web pendant lights appeal to anybody who appreciates the cutting edge of urban decor. Although each model is quite similar in style, there are three to choose from; two are quite similar in size, while the third is significantly more prominent than the others- covering more spaces and including more bulbs.

The finish is iron, and the body material is built from iron, too, which enhances durability.

Each of the three models is undeniably stunning.

These vintage web pendant lights are wildly impressive- they can really make a room come together. This particular series of models, especially, is an absolute marvel. It is not every day that we stumble upon artisan-style, highly-skilled ironwork being used to fulfill practical functions- this light system, however, perfectly encapsulates the craftsmanship of a skilled iron-worker in its appearance.

These vintage web pendant lights manage to light up to 10-15 square meters, which is as impressive as it is useful! These lights employ a simple knob switch to function. Within the home, these lights can contribute to a vintage or industrial theme in kitchens, living rooms, dining spaces, and lounging areas.

Despite its ‘industrial’ feel, this lighting rig is still absolutely trendy, and taps into the vintage chic which seems to be dominating the hip consciousness at the moment. One could also say that it is stylish while ignoring the conventional “rules” of beauty, which are so often dogmatically followed by designers, architects, and product engineers. Anybody who is partial to this wave of industrial chic will love these vintage pendant lights!

Two of the models have six bulbs, and they are nearly identical in design- in fact, four of the five bulbs are in the exact same position, but one of the bulbs is a variable, moving in a different direction in “6 Heads A” and “6 Heads B.” Meanwhile, the ‘8 Heads’ model manages to keep a very similar layout, but is of course two bulbs larger; this size differential contributes to the look of the pendant, as it is very pleasing to the eye. The eight bulb set-up is practically 1.5X bigger than the other, so the size difference is definitely noticeable and consequential.

Obviously, pure iron is rarely used in such household elements these days- that is part of what makes this set of unique pendant lights so brilliant. Iron is durable, timeless, and dependable. The other contributing factors include the general quality of workmanship that has gone into their design and production, and, finally, the fact that they are objectively beautiful does not hurt, either.

It is also important to note that there are no bulbs included with the purchase of the product. Each of the web pendant lights is CQC, CE, RoHS, and CCC certified, with an E27 base type.

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