Faux Fur Rug

Faux Fur Rug

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Made from artificial wool, this plush, faux-fur rug manages to do everything that you would want a fur rug to do while costing significantly less and causing no suffering to other life forms.
  • Plush Rug
  • Artificial Wool
  • Size: 60cm x 90cm

This plush rug itself is splendid. It is a medium-sized rug, and the fur looks quite a bit like standard wool. The size of the rug is 60 cm x 90 cm, and the option between a white faux wool rug and a gray faux wool rug is left up to the beholder.

The wool in this plush and faux-fur rug is entirely artificial, meaning that no living being is harmed in its creation. People are genuinely beginning to feel uncomfortable when in the presence of something that has so apparently once been a live animal. So, this leads to the natural rise of faux fur.

At 60 cm x 90 cm, this luxurious and stylish rug is classy and practical, as well as being useful for a wide variety of purposes in quite a range of potential places.

In recent years, consumers have seemingly become more and more sensitive to animals. Fur, which was once used for survival, became one of the most egregious signals of luxury and extravagance. Now, real animal products are on the decline; even though most everybody agrees that fur looks beautiful, and it has such wealthy and distinguished connotations, we have also learned that animal cruelty should be avoided at all cost-- at least for the animal lovers out there.

Faux fur has never been more in demand than it is at this very moment because it does give the somewhat realistic impression of fur, evoking a very similar aesthetic; people love faux fur because it looks and feels like fur, but no animals are harmed in its production.
If you are looking for a small to medium size rug that brings an air of sophistication to any home or commercial space, this may just be the ideal rug for you-- in either its white or gray coloration.