Pineapple Wall Decals

Pineapple Wall Decals

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  • Modern Style
  • Vinyl PVC
  • 5 x 11cm
  • 4 styles x 24pcs


Fun, funky, and fruity: these pineapple wall decals are everything.

Built from vinyl PVC, each decal sizes up at 5 x 11 cm; a standard order features 24 decals, with an even distribution between each of the four designs presented.

These decals are an impermanent as you like them to be; while they grace your walls, the room in which they are featured will surely be refreshed by the benefit of featuring this exquisite set of designs.

Even if you are far from where the fresh pineapples grow, this little touch can bring the fruit a whole lot closer to where the heart is: your home.


Sometimes, we want to refresh the atmosphere of a room, and yet we don't feel like repainting the entire wall. Sometimes, you want something temporary, something minor, and something that might be a little too bold to commit to entirely. These contemporary pineapple wall decals do just that. Who would have thunk, long after the age of wallpaper, that wall decals would make such a provocative comeback?

There are four different styles in each color scheme; one of the color schemes features four combinations of black and white pineapples, while the other consists of gold and white variations on the fruit. Each design is authentically modern, easefully artistic, and generally pleasing to the eye.

There is something about pineapple that is so evocative; even in the depths of winter, far from the coast or the tropics, and the sight of these fabulous pineapple wall decals can bring all sorts of warmth to your soul. Each decal is only 5 x 11 cm, and the decals are made from vinyl PVC.

One order of these wall decals inludes 24 of the pieces, divided into four different styles. The four styles are all similar enough to be in a series, mostly consisting of which is shaded in between the stem and the base of the fruit. Wall decals such as this are, of course, not permanent. You can keep them on your walls on for as long or as short as you would like.

There is nothing not to love about these fabulous little decals, and they will surely provide your home with a vibrant spark.