3D Animal Soft Toy Wall Mount
3D Animal Soft Toy Wall Mount

3D Animal Soft Toy Wall Mount

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  • Stuffed & Plush, Soft
  • Material: Cloth
  • Age Range: 3 years old
These adorable stuffed animal heads are perfect for children in their toddler years. Beautifully designed, these restful faces bring calmness and serenity, juxtaposed by their mystical nature.

Made from high-quality cloth, these stuffed deer, sheep, and unicorn heads make a sweet and significant impact on spaces devoted to children in your life. Whether by themselves or featured in relation to each other, all three of these sleepy heads can quickly become beloved additions to a child’s favorite cast of household characters.

Soft to the touch and to the eye, this buoyant collection of animals have the right integrity to grace the walls of children’s rooms with a sense of peaceful, playful sophistication.
This charming line of tranquil animal faces features three unique decorations which will undoubtedly be popular among toddlers and younger children. Aesthetically warm in color and shape, all three of these sleepy heads contains a sense of playful peacefulness, as exemplified by the closed eyes and gentle smiles sported by each creature.

All three of these 3D stuffed animal heads are as original as they are beautiful. Mounted on the wall, the faces of the deer, sheep, and unicorn all have their own distinct charm. The deer is marked with its signature antlers, while the unicorn can be identified by the majestic horn which extends out of its forehead. Featuring an amber dash of color upon its head, the sheep also brings a soothing presence which children will find easy to be enamored with.

Constructed using cloth, all three of the wall mounted heads will contribute a profoundly to any space by bringing warmth and life to the walls in which your children- or the children in your life- will admire. Each individual head is able to make a strong statement on its own, but also will also work well as a part of a combination of two or even all three of the heads.

Bringing a sense of warmth and softness to children’s rooms and play spaces, the brilliant energy exuded when these mystical and magical stuffed animal heads are mounted upon the wall is to be treasured by those of all ages.