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Aida Shower Curtain

Aida Shower Curtain

Regular price $49.95

Style: Bold Contemporary
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Material: Waterproof washable polyester
Package: 1 shower curtain & 12 plastic hooks

Size: S = 150*180 cm, L = 180*180 cm

Made from waterproof & washable polyester, this eco-friendly shower curtain comes in two sizes- either 150 x 180 cm or 180 x 180 cm; in design and functionality, this is a burst of illustrated wonder which can make a significant splash on any bathroom.

Featuring a vibrant array of bright colors, this contemporary accessory is artistic and bold, creatively depicting a woman who seems to be blowing bubbles. She has purple hair and a very colorful blue, yellow, and purple headband, with hoop earrings. The unexpected portrait’s background consists of a beautiful collage of blues, yellows, pinks, and purples.

Usually, art comes in the form of something frames that you put on the wall, or maybe something that is made out of ceramic that sits on a shelf. This art is entirely functional, performing the function of a shower curtain while also breathing all sorts of life into any bathroom it graces. Although the image's illustration is surreal in manner, it remains distinguished and mature.

This modern shower curtain for somebody who is looking to do something different with their bathroom decor.

The waterproof, washable polyester material used to create this accessory is also eco-friendly. So, not only does this wildly beautiful curtain contribute to a unique aesthetic in your bathroom, but the product will allow you to reduce your carbon footprint.

In the modern world of design, beautiful and unique accessories are created to replace the most mundane elements of our lives. Such a phenomenon is exemplified in the existence of decorative displays like this bold & contemporary shower curtain, which is currently available in two different sizes: 150 x 180 cm and 180 x 180 cm.

Featuring a wonderful palette of colors, bubbles, and a beautifully depicted woman, this unique shower curtain is a genuine work of art. Sometimes, a great piece of art makes us provokes compelling feelings and thoughts; it should go without saying, of course, that such a sensation is uncommon in the world of shower curtains. Why not make a unique statement with your unique shower curtain?

If you are looking to breathe fresh life into your bathroom, unique shower curtains such as this would be an excellent place to start. This shower curtain makes a bold statement which will be heard and appreciated by every single person who visits your bathroom.