Antler Wine Stopper
Antler Wine Stopper
Antler Wine Stopper

Antler Wine Stopper

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  • Material: Resin, Cork
  • Deer Size: 11 x 3cm (L x W)
  • Cork Height: 3cm

So many of us want something exciting, rustic, fun, and unique to add an element of charm to our home decor repertoire; these antlers allow us to do that.

The deer antlers themselves are made from resin; they are 11 cm x 3 cm in size, with the cork contributing 3 cm in height.

The Rustic charm of this creative wine stopper will make an exceptional contribution to any home’s collection of tools and wares.

When it comes to a wine stopper, why not do something unique, bold, and different than those to which you are accustomed? Making tiny differences like this can be instrumental in allowing one to find a sense of ownership in their home decor & design ability.

Resourcefulness is vital in the world of modern home decor; creating something special out of what is usually conventional is a core tenant of defining decadent, creative home decor.

For example, this antler wine stopper makes a perfect addition to any bar’s repertoire, as it takes something that every home needs- a wine stopper- and provides a remarkable burst of creativity and ingenuity.

The cork aspect of the tool is a standard 3 cm in height, while an extra 11 cm is added for the antlers; of course, this wine stopper is a perfect example of making the most out of very little. The antler shape is not only fun and silly, but also surprisingly sophisticated.

Now, obviously, the antlers are not made out of any actual animal antlers! Molded from resin, the antlers are particularly well-designed.

Wine Stoppers are typically a staple of every household in which the inhabitants will casually enjoy a bottle of wine; whether that is a common occurrence, or just on occasion- every now and then.

Minor elements of our home decor & design can make the strongest impressions. It doesn't take remodeling the kitchen or buying a brand new appliance to freshen up the stylistic situation within your home; sometimes, all it takes is the rustic charm of something like a creative wine stopper. Yes, it is a little bit silly (in the best of ways) but, beyond its fun design, the wine stopper is still very useful. The antlers also make the wine stopper easy to find, as they are not going to allow the cork to be very well hidden, now are they?