Artic Ice Cube Moulds

Artic Ice Cube Moulds

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  • Material: Silicone
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Polar Bear & Penguin Mould
  • Outer Size:̴6.5 x 6.1cm
  • Inner Size: 5cm x 4cm
  • Net Weight: 157g (2pcs)

Eco-friendly, beautiful, fun, and strangely decadent. These penguin & polar bear shapes make this item so much more than an average ice cube tray; the unbridled creativity that has been set free in the creation of these marvelous ice-cube creators is undoubtedly magnificent.

Made from silicone and weighing in at 157 g in total, the outer size of the mould is 6.5 CM by 6.1 CM, while the inner size is 5 cm by 4 cm.

These little penguins and polar bears are waiting to float in your beverage containers, and it's time that you invite them into your own home or that of the friend or family to whom you are giving these delightful trays as gifts!

The simple things in life end up making a profound difference. In the opinion of many, the ability to make something out of nothing bears significant consequence on what truly constitutes meaningfulness and beauty. Although such a transformation sometimes seems unachievable, this miraculous arctic ice cube mould transcends the form of an ice cube tray to become something which moves into the world of cutting-edge home & decor.

Made from eco-friendly silicone- and available in both a polar bear and a penguin mould- these trays are significantly more signature than their conventional counterparts. The fun, natural shapes which these trays form are far beyond what is produced by a standard ice cube tray. So much so, that they can hardly even be considered as the same type of product; here, with these trays, water becomes beautiful ice sculptures of two of the Earth's most beloved and cherished creatures: the polar bear and the Penguin.

Truly, it takes a high level of ingenuity and generosity to create something like this.

The penguin model actually depicts a sweet couple of penguins, while the polar bear features just one of the type. The outer size of each mould is 6.5 CM by 6.1 CM, while the inner size is 5 cm by 4 cm.

These are durable, lightweight, easy to store use, and they will make a profound difference in the way that you serve ice in your home. If you are making a special cocktail for that special someone- or trying to impress a specific guest- you can give them an experience which they have likely never had before. Not only will the drink that you mix them be exceptional, but the arctic animal shapes floating in their glass will leave an unforgettable impression.