Baby Bunny Sleepsuit
Baby Bunny Sleepsuit
Baby Bunny Sleepsuit
Baby Bunny Sleepsuit
Baby Bunny Sleepsuit
Baby Bunny Sleepsuit

Baby Bunny Sleepsuit

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Beautiful, cute, cuddly, and warm- these full sleeve length onesies are fantastic for any and all babies. Flat knitted from soft heavyweight cotton, these little hoodies intentionally fit loosely for maximum comfort.

  • Adorable Bunny Sleepsuit
  • For babies 0-6M old (Up to 73cm/28 inches tall)
  • Size: Length from shoulder is 47cm (18.5 in), chest size 64 cm around (25 in); sleeve length 25cm (10 in)
  • Material: 100% Heavy Weight Cotton
  • Full Sleeve Length
  • Unisex
  • Hoodie
  • Flat Knitted

If babies love anything other than the love given to them by their parents, it would be the pleasure brought by those elements of life which bring comfort. Babies love to sleep and rest, and these onesies are ideal for helping babies find that often-elusive state in which they are blissful and rested. 

Parents and babies alike will love these bunny onesies; giving the gift of something so precious to a baby is one of the most generous things that you can do. Seriously though, these funny bunny onesies for babies are elegant, cute, and comfortable.

Babies love to sleep and rest, and these onesies are ideal for bringing babies into a state in which they are comfortable and relaxed.

A bunny onesie for babies is a garment which- for parents, and for anybody who finds joy in the charming innocence of a newborn infant- creates immediate excitement.

Understated and sophisticated gifts to give, they are enormously comfortable for the babies who get to enjoy wearing them. Available in both a sweet gray and a subtle pink, each of these bunny onesies will make any baby fall in love with their new garment. Whether the baby is your own or the child of a friend or family member of yours, purchasing one of these baby bunny sleepsuits for the little one in your life is a generous gesture.

These full sleeve length onesies are unisex in nature, with the pink not being too pink-- and the gray is elegant and neutral. These casual onesies are great for the everyday existence of any little infant who loves softness and warmth.

Dreamily soft cotton is flat knitted into a onesie with a hood; not only is there a hood on this particular model of onesies, but, being a bunny onesie, the hood is complete with the floppy and pointy ears, which undeniably add to the adorable nature this little outfit.

Quite loose by nature, this allows the baby to grow into them at the rate in which they naturally will. We all know, spending time with little ones, that every single day they seem to grow bigger. With every passing day, they also seem to become a little more aware, developing the senses which allow them to form a point of view on what they love, like, and dislike- without a doubt, they will love these funny bunny sleepsuits.