Baby Quilted Swaddle Wrap
Baby Quilted Swaddle Wrap
Baby Quilted Swaddle Wrap
Baby Quilted Swaddle Wrap

Baby Quilted Swaddle Wrap

Regular price $90.95

  • Unisex
  • Geometric Pattern
  • 13-18 months
  • Cotton, Polyester

Babies and parents alike will rejoice when one of these ultra-cozy quilted swaddle wraps is introduced into their lives.

Featuring geometric patterns, each swaddle wrap is designed to be unisex and functions best with infants from 13-18 months old. The designs include a series of multi-colored half-moons and other mystical presences, colored in wonderful shades of white, black, gray, and yellow. In fact, they are utterly delightful.

If there is one thing that a baby can immediately appreciate, which isn't their parents, it is the things which give them comfort. These quilted cotton & polyester treasures allow you to provide the babies in your life with such amenities.

This series of quilted swaddle wraps consists entirely of cozy, decadent, and stylish accessories which are undeniably adorable.

The geometric patterns on the quilts are very evocative and sweet, including a series of multi-colored half-moons, which appear in white, black, gray, and yellow; this particular model happens to be one of the more understated and straightforward swaddle wraps in the collection. The pine tree swaddle wrap, on the other hand, is quite dynamic in design. With sweet palm trees, little stars, and even some little barns interspersed on the white model, this combination of white, black, blue, and light pink hits all the right notes for a unisex baby product. Even simpler than this, the white quilted swaddle wrap -which features only black stars- is entirely able to blend in with any aesthetic that may already be established in the baby's sleeping space. Finally, the vibrant grey quilted swaddle wrap featuring white stars is surprisingly vivacious in its active aesthetic.

Now, these swaddle wraps are great for a range of babies, ideally meant for the average-sized infant between 13 and 18 months of age. The price on the swaddle wraps is remarkable, especially considering with the market for baby products is often like. Still, this creatively patterned, artistically viable, and brilliantly functional swaddle wrap is made from the softest cotton polyester, and can bring joy and comfort to so many young ones.

The unisex element of the swaddle wrap is one of its most definitive elements. Now, in this day in age, the concept of pink being for girls and blue being for boys is one that is sorely outdated; products like this release these odd pressures; this is not for "him" or "her" exclusively, it is a swaddle wrap for "baby."

The baby in your life, whether it's yours or whether you are giving this as a gift to someone else's child, will appreciate this act of generosity on your behalf, whether they know how to express it with words or not.