Bird Wall Hanger

Bird Wall Hanger

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Material: Silicone
  • Multiple Styles
  • Ornamental Wall Hooks
  • 13cm x 4.5cm (L x W)
Not only are they beautiful, well-crafted, and eco-friendly in their final form, but these bird-shaped wall hangers are also incredibly practical. Made from silicone, each of the hangers in this set can be used to hold coats, aprons, hats, or almost anything that yone would typically hang upon on a standard hook.

Perfect gifts for bird lovers, very few products can balance functionality and style as well as these 13 cm x 4.5 cm, bird-shaped, decorative wall hooks- which are available in five vibrant colors.

Why not be artistic with the little things? Why not allow creativity to run free in your home? These little birds provide an excellent way to do so.
One of these unique little birds can make a miraculous impact on a room. A set of these beautiful bird hangers upon a wall can entirely change the feel of a space. The transformation which occurs when we replace the mundane items in our spaces with works of pure artistry can be profoundly stunning-- perhaps this is rarely expressed better than with this particular series of bird wall hangers.

Impressive, indeed, these silicone Birds perch on your wall in a way that is unnatural, and yet wholly fitting. They are sturdy in their ability to hold weight and bear loads, in that they are ornamental hooks which also serve their function at a very high level.

At an affordable rate, these birds can be purchased in white, black, orange, blue, or a natural wooden shade. Again, one of these is bold and fashionable enough to make a statement, while a whole flock can make a huge difference in how people perceive your space.

Not completely realistic in their finish, the bird hooks are quite evocative, just as great art is supposed to be. This expertly executed blend of artistry and the 'everyday' needs of our homes is more than welcome to those passionate about decor.

Any wall in the house can benefit in style and functionality from the presence of these handy hanging hooks.

One or several makes for great gifts for any of the bird watchers or bird lovers in your life. However, too often we refuse to provide ourselves with the generosity of spirit to improve the little things in our lives that make us feel better about our spaces. Too often, we consider doing this for others but not ourselves. Stylish, quirky, fun, and decadent-- what more could you want from the hangers in your home?