Cloud Star Moon Hanging Toy

Cloud Star Moon Hanging Toy

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  • 3D Style
  • Flannelette
  • Soft Toy


Every baby deserves the best; in fact, each infant deserves the moon and the stars, and this lovely crib hanging toy is perhaps the most realistic way to give that to them.

A perfect purchase to enliven the your own infant’s nursery- or to give as a gift for somebody who has recently given birth- this 3D style combination of soft sky toys cloaked in sweet flannelette is adorable, beautiful, and wonderfully charming.

Safe for children, this sophisticated and adventurous addition to a young one's sleeping space is inspirational and imaginative in both its blue and pink forms.


We all wonder about the beauty regarding the stars, moon, clouds, and evening sky. For centuries upon centuries, humans have pondered upon the natural beauty. Some say that the stars and the moon are the most written-about subjects and themes in the history of humanity. Bringing these images into the lives of the little one in your life will certainly evoke a strong sense of wonder and imagination from an early age. This particular crib hanging toy, featuring clouds, stars, and a crescent moon is a perfect example of an element of decor which is fun, peaceful, and ideal for any infant in your life.

Whether this is for your own child and your own home, or a gift for someone you know who has recently brought a sweet baby into their family, these amazing decorations will bring that lovely feeling of the idyllic infancy into a home. Moreso, products like this crib hanging toy allow such vital items to be added to the home without sacrificing design integrity. Everybody wants to give many beautiful gifts to their children; but, when it comes to these little additions, many can't bring themselves to make the purchase, just due to the fact that all of the other expenses are so exorbitantly high. So, do the new parent in your life a favor, and purchase something that will positively impact the baby, as well as the decor of the room in which the crib is situated.

The cloud in which the stars and moon hang down from is a beautiful soft toy, as is the moon. The Stars, however, juxtapose the three-dimensional style that is instituted by the cloud and create something that is dynamic, presenting an interplay between the simplicity of two-dimensional design and the vivacity of having something that is three-dimensional and alive.

Available in two color schemes- one predominantly pink and the other blue- these beautifully designed hanging toys are completely safe for children.