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Deer Head Canvas Set
Deer Head Canvas Set

Deer Head Canvas Set

Regular price $61.95
Please note all of our canvases come unframed and unstretched.
  • Modern Style
  • Canvas
  • 3 Piece Set
  • WaterStyle
  • Multi-Picture Combination
  • High Resolution Image

The images depicted in this series of deer head canvas art are viscerally beautiful. Printed in the style of a watercolor painting, each instance in this three-piece set is remarkably modern and abstract.

Available in six different sizes and three different color schemes, this multi-picture combination of fine print on canvas constitutes the type of wall art that inspires all sorts of imaginative stimulus; creating an impression of elegance upon all who enter your home.

If you are in need new art in your home, you will rarely find a deal has consumer-friendly as this one, and you will rarely see art as evocative.

This set of modern-style prints features three different angles of a male deer's head. Each work is quite surreal in nature, as the image ends at the neck and allows the ‘paint’ to drip downward. The color schemes are utterly engaging and abstract. These are not realistic deer head depictions- instead, they come together to create a series of artistic and creative representations.

As we've all learned, art is essential to completing a living space. The house does not quite feel like home if there are not some distinct works of art on the walls, and a place of business is lesser without art, too. Accessible, high-quality prints such as the ones in this set are exactly the type of sophisticated touch that can be had at a reasonable price.

In these abstract deer head canvas pieces, the antlers, the ears, the neck, and the mouth are all shaped with such exquisite exactitude. As well as six different sizes, there are three different color schemes in which you can purchase these prints. One of the color schemes is based within a bright purple, fading into Blues, greens, and yellows. The next is monochromatic, telling the same story of the steer using only white, black, and gray. Finally, one moves more towards a greenish blue base but is still quite similar to the purple design.

Although there are several options regarding the size of the prints that you would like, there are a few constants within each of the sets. For example, they are all bordered but not framed. The lack of frame, of course, is an intentional choice. Also, you must purchase an entire set, and not just one of the three.

The range of sizes in which you can purchase a set of these deer head Canvas Works ranges from the smallest at 8.27 by 11.1 in, or 21 x 30cm, all the way to 27.56 by 39.37 in, or 70 by 100 cm. Naturally, the price shifts according to size, but the quality of the image is at a high resolution, which allows the water style pictures to remain entirely consistent, and just as powerful from small to large.