DIY Scratch Globe
DIY Scratch Globe

DIY Scratch Globe

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Gold foil coated map of the world which allows you to record where you've been on your travels by removing the top foil layer as you see more of the world.

When you've uncovered the country or continent you've been to, a rich and colourful map with geographical detail is revealed underneath.

Comes flat packed and ready to assemble - a perfect gift for someone who aims to see the world or already has.

Assembled Size: Diameter = 7.8 Inches

Perfect for anybody who loves to travel or for the people in your life who are waiting to travel, this ‘do-it-yourself’ scratch globe is a truly unique product. It is meant for people of all ages but is a perfect bedroom decoration for teenagers and young people who want to dream of traveling all around the world. Basically, it's a combination of a globe and scratch ticket made primarily from unassembled cardboard.

Maybe, seeing how much of the world they have left to experience, they might get their selves and gear and start to prioritize and follow through with their dreams!

You want to see the world. You want to know how much of the world do you have left to see. If this is you- or someone you know- then you will be interested in these awesome scratch globes; a wonderful concept created for adventurers. These ‘do-it-yourself’ scratch globes are unconventional by most standards; practically, this quirky concept functions as a combination between a globe and scratch ticket.

Made primarily from unassembled cardboard, the ‘scratch ticket’ elements of the globe is made from the gold foil that you may be accustomed to scratching off the little cards and seeing if you have won money. However, instead of money, what happens here is that you scratch off the countries, cities, and areas that you have visited. So, by doing this, you get a good idea of how much of the world you have seen, and how much of the world you have left to see.

Arriving unassembled, the the globe itself is made from a sort of cardboard which is flat-packed. So, the “do-it-yourself” element of this particular item is that when it arrives, you have the responsibility of putting the globe together. Of course, there are directions and instructions, but it is a fun puzzle to assemble.

If anybody in your life is dreaming of seeing the world, or has already begun their journey, there may not be a better, more inventive gift than this one for them. It is always a fantastic idea to get something special for the people in your life, something that is in line with their interest, even if it is not expensive or fancy. This is not a particularly sophisticated gift idea, but it is something that can mean a lot to somebody in your life, somebody who wants to travel, and it is not that expensive on the side of the gift-giver.

Also, if you are wanting to challenge yourself to see how much more of the world you have left to see, this can be a great accelerator in that process, to see what you need to do to follow through and achieve your most adventurous dreams. As the gold is shaved off of the map, a colorful map emerges, representative of the color that is brought to your life by going to that place. Again, whether it is you who is an avid traveler, or somebody in your life, there are very few gifts as this.