Extravagant Confetti Balloons Set

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Gorgeous gold confetti makes these pretty balloons a stunning addition to any party set-up. To make the confetti stick all around the clear balloon we recommend inflating with a mixture of helium and a small amount of air.

  • Confetti has been put Into the balloons, the nice gold confetti balloons make your party attractive. 
  • It makes your party happy and romantic. 
  • These confetti balloons are widely used as decorations for a birthday party, wedding party, anniversary party, bridal shower, performance, ceremony and so on.
  • The beautiful confetti balloon makes your party attractive. 
  • These confetti balloons will be a beautiful scenery and you will get a colorful shower after the blast the jumbo balloon.
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • 6 pieces of balloons per set
  • Size: 12" Balloon size
  • Confetti Diameter: 15mm - 0.59" or 25mm - 0.98"