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Fred Flamingo Shower Curtain
Fred Flamingo Shower Curtain
Fred Flamingo Shower Curtain
Fred Flamingo Shower Curtain

Fred Flamingo Shower Curtain

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Style: Classic Reto
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Material: Waterproof washable polyester
Package: 1 shower curtain & 12 plastic hooks

Size: S = 150*180 cm, L = 180*180 cm


This eccentric line of shower curtains, which come in five different design styles, feature the type of decorative item that will get people talking and-- more than talking-- absolutely gushing about the boldness of your choices. Featuring flamingoes, hippos, and all sorts of fun creatures.

Eco-friendly and thoroughly modern in their style, any design in the series can come in one of two different sizes. The smaller model is 150 cm x 180 cm, while the larger is 180 cm x 180 cm.

This is not merely some gimmicky shower curtain; this is a shower curtain which makes a distinct distinguished statement about the formalities to which we have become accustomed.


Who said that shower curtains had to be boring?

This series of shower curtains features a range of silly and fun animal designs, breaking any unwritten rule that our expected “normal” curtains are a standard that we must adhere to. Indeed, this is one of the most fun, funky, and playful shower curtains you will ever feast your eyes on. Still, despite the fact that this is a good-humored, silly sort of shower curtain, it also retains a particular element of sophistication. Indeed, animations on shower curtains are considered commonplace for children, but when we become adults, we often end up fading into something more unremarkable with our shower curtains, and other such elements of decor.

The designs are unique and detailed. In one, flamingos are standing single file, for example- and that is just mild when considering some of the other shower curtains in the series. Eccentric patterns in which the Pink Flamingos burst out from whiteness, or nestled into spirally branches, are breathtaking. Also, there is one shower curtain made by this company which features bees buzzing while another features a cat. Each of the shower curtains comes with a phrase in which the animal is presumably thinking or saying. A cat, sitting on a bicycle seat, tells you to "have a nice day," while the bees buzzing around amongst the flowers- and leaves tell you to "enjoy your day." Another shower curtain in the collection features a hippopotamus waiting for the water to fall down on him-- this hippo somehow encapsulates that universal feeling of stepping into the shower and waiting for the water to come down, when really all you want is to be back nestled in your bed, rather than facing the day ahead. The shower curtains feature frogs, butterflies, kittens, puppy dogs, and more. Each features something about it that is undeniably eye-catching, fun, and attractive.

As far as eco-friendly polyester shower curtains, they are decidedly uncommon and modern in their style, and each can come in one of two different sizes. The small one is 150 by 180 cm, while the large is 180 by 180 cm. The curtain also comes with 12 hooks. The flamingo shower curtains certainly stand out in their peculiar and unique way, as do all of the models in this wide variety of bold curtains.