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Geometric Salt Pepper Shaker
Geometric Salt Pepper Shaker

Geometric Salt Pepper Shaker

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  • Geometric Shape
  • Gold Style
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Ceramic
  • Eco-Friendly

This dynamic duo of golden ceramic salt and pepper shakers will undoubtedly make a positive contribution to your home decor- impressing your guests and improving the subtle style in your kitchenware.

Along with this, finding a way to make the most out of every little opportunity- to make something big and beautiful out of something small and modest- is a beautiful foundation of modern decor to explore. Because, at the end of the day, no matter how gold and ceramic your salt and pepper shakers are, they are still humble tools, and this eco-friendly & geometric set of iconic kitchen staples encapsulates this perfectly.

This exciting and unique shaker duo is a fabulous new way to store and serve your salt and pepper.

These gold-style salt and pepper ceramic shakers are attractive to the eye, indeed. Meanwhile, they also perform an essential function within the kitchen, as they are the ‘home to’ and ‘disposal method of’ the two most popular spices in the world.

The time has come to admit that- if we are going to be serious about home decor- there is no room for being lazy about the little things. What's the point of merely functioning, when the little elements of the home & kitchen could function fabulously!? And fabulous is just the word to describe these gold style, geometric salt and pepper shakers. The geometric shape is evocative and the golden shine is undeniably eye-catching.

The shakers are made from ceramic, and they are incredibly eco-friendly in their production.

Seriously, these are going to start some conversations.

If you are looking to make a statement with the little parts of your kitchenware, making a bold choice like this in regards to your salt and pepper shaker is a fantastic way to start.

Practically shaped like teepees, these triangular pointed roundish pyramids are manageable a sized, ideal in height and weight, and colored with a jaw-droppingly impressive golden coat after being carefully molded by hand from ceramic.