Gold Heart Wall Decals

Gold Heart Wall Decals

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  • Modern Style
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Waterproof
  • Size: 3.5cm (42pcs), 7cm (32pieces), 14cm (16pieces)

These gold heart wall decals are something special. Truly, they are the most cost-effective way to turn a regular room into something that is the 'storybook' form of beautiful. The gold hearts create an aesthetic that is unparalleled among other options, even when placed on the very whitest and plainest of walls.

Undeniably modern, they are available in varied quantities and in three sizes: 3.5 cm, 7 cm, or 14 cm.

Despite their playful elegance, these star decals are not as “out of this world” as one may assume; instead, they come together for an unpretentious and fun addition to youthful spaces which is as temporary or permanent as you choose for it to be.

There is something so divine about stars, and something so luxurious and rich about the color gold. The gold color, although luxurious is becomes folksy, beautiful, fun, and quaint when embodied in the form of these lovely gold heart wall decals.

There are three different sizes of these decals as well; one option features 42 pieces of one size of decal which is 3.5 cm, while another includes 32 pieces of 7 cm decal. Third and finally, one selection includes a pack of 16 of the larger 14 centimeter... All of these options are beautiful in their own way, and they have equal marriage. Really, it is all about the choice you are going to make on how to design the room in which they will be gracing the walls.

Distinctly modern and made from high-quality vinyl, they are quite easy to put on and take off, and unlike other solutions for redecorating a room, including Paint and Wallpaper-- there are no long-term repercussions to using decals like this. These are perfect for the rooms of infants and children, especially. White walls instantly transform from boring to brilliant when introduced to these golden stars.

This lovely set of stars makes an excellent gift for others as well, as they are a cost-effective purchase, and the decals will have some kind of use for just about anybody into whose hands they fall. These golden stars are easy to love, easy to use, and it is easy to find the value in purchasing them.

Despite the obvious connotations that often go along with gold colored accessories, these gold heart wall decals do not suffer from that same stigma because they are so playful, modest, and humble.