Gradient Bauble Fairy Lights
Gradient Bauble Fairy Lights

Gradient Bauble Fairy Lights



  • Hard Cotton Ball
  • Battery Type: AA
  • Lighting Distance: 1-5m
  • Length: 450cm
  • Body Material: Plastic
  • Head Number: 20-50 head
  • Voltage: 4.5V
  • Material: Cotton & Plastic
  • LED QTY: 20 LEDs
  • Battery Type: 3 X AA
  • Diameter: 6CM

These gradient bubble fairy lights are undeniably charming, cute, simple, and functional. It is rare to see a ball on a string used in such an innovative fashion, and probably not very common to see such orbs on strings light entire rooms. The balls- each about 6 cm in diameter- are made from cotton but designed to look like yarn.

These beautiful little lamps emit a particularly generous warmth and can provide you with a lovely, affordable source of sweet white light.

They are available in two sizes: 250 cm in length or 450 cm in length. These strands of LED lights are powered with AAA batteries at about 4.5 volts, sufficiently lighting a roughly the same amount of space as they hang over.

These gradient bubble fairy lights will light up your space as well as any fairy lights will, but with a particularly sophisticated charm.

There are two different sizes of strands of these ball fairy lights, one of which is 250 cm (or 2.5 meters), in length, with ten cotton balls attached. The other is 450 CM or four and a half centimeters in length which features double the number of cotton balls, within an impressive 20, which is slightly more than double the amount per centimeter than the previous amount. When we say cotton ball, we aren't, perhaps, using the term in the way that it is most typically used in.

Obviously, these are not actual cotton balls with lights inside of them, but they are hard balls that happened to be made of cotton, in the style of some form of yarn. Each of the balls is about 6 cm in diameter. The lights are battery-powered, and they run on three AA batteries, and, not to mention, they last an impressively extended amount of time, considering the fact that they are powering 20 LED lights, which are Nestle's into each one of these distinct and hard cotton balls. The materials used to create this Majestic strain of fairy lights are merely cotton and plastic. In total, the voltage of these lamps gets up to about 4.5 volts, and there are generally 2250 heads. With the more protracted option, the four and a half centimeter string, there's a lighting distance of roughly 5 meters, on a good day.

Still, it is not suggested that you begin to use these lovely little orbs of light as primary light sources; as they are at their best when just present to add a sweet little touch, which these stylish little orbs do incredibly efficiently. Running on nothing but AA batteries, this strain of ball fairy lights is exactly what the doctor ordered if you are just looking for a little extra supplement of light.

Rather than a standard lighting solution, this string of quirky yarn balls is best used for special occasions, events, or featured locations which can use a touch of quaint sophistication.