Handcrafted Wooden Lunchbox
Handcrafted Wooden Lunchbox
Handcrafted Wooden Lunchbox
Handcrafted Wooden Lunchbox

Handcrafted Wooden Lunchbox

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  • Japanese design
  • Material: Wood
  • Eco friendly
  • CIQ,EEC,CE / EU,FDA,SGS Certification
  • Handcrafted
  • Separates into 5 parts



Styled like a classic bento box, this handcrafted wooden lunch box absolutely works for a wide variety of foods and meal-types.

The box can also come with an included small set of cutlery, with some choice in this regard; you can choose between a wooden fork and knife or wooden chopsticks.

Rarely do we come upon something with such a classic Japanese design, made from eco-friendly wood; wooden bento boxes bring a high level of convenience and eco-friendly action to the way you pack food for the day. If you are sick of using plastics, and clunky portables to take your meal to and from work, school, or other commitments on a daily basis, consider making room for this product in your life.


The time comes when we must begin to make statements with the little parts of our day, and find ways to the environmentally conscious, stylish, and resourceful all in one Fell Swoop, as much as possible. This decadent and simple handcrafted wooden lunch box is a fine example of precisely this.

The box comes with your choice of a set including a spoon and fork or with traditionally suitable chopsticks. Of course, you also do have the option to simply purchase the box itself. However, the wooden cutlery and chopsticks are very charming.

Further, the product is handcrafted and certified with every major designation (including CIQ, EEC, CE / EU, FDA, and SGS). This wooden lunch kit is not only fresh on the market, but also being sold for a very reasonable rate. Yes, not everyone can afford to have such a luxurious lunch box, but if you are going to be taking lunch out of the home on a daily basis, perhaps it's time you invest in something that is eco-friendly and resourceful in that it produces far less waste than using standard methods. Not to mention, this handcrafted wouldn't lunchbox separates into five different parts, and is perfect for bringing a wide variety of foods. There is also an included band which keeps the kit fastened, and even keeps the quaint Cutlery fastened to the outside of the box; this means that the cutlery will take up any of the room inside the box, which is far better used to store your food.

This box takes inspiration from the classic, traditional Japanese culture, which has used this type of dish as a means of transporting and serving food for centuries. Yes, a wooden bento box is a perfect idea for any “on-the-go” person who leaves the house with a packed up meal for later in the day. This wooden box is easy to wash, easy to maintain, Ultra-durable, and totally stylish in the most folksy kind of way.