Knit Heart Blanket
Knit Heart Blanket
Knit Heart Blanket
Knit Heart Blanket

Knit Heart Blanket

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  • Unisex
  • 19-24 months
  • Geometric Pattern
  • 75 x 105cm
  • Cotton



No matter how old we get, we still remember our baby blankets, and it is vital to continue this nostalgic tradition and purchase beautiful quilts for the young people in our lives, whether they are our own children or the babies of our friends and family members.

This cozy little blanket also features a cute heart on it is perfect for babies. Because this is a new blanket and not something that has been passed down as a legacy, it also makes for a great gift for anybody with a newborn. The last thing that people want is to have to buy more and more baby supplies; so, if there are any new parents in your life, there is an excellent chance that they are looking for a blanket just like this.

The colors may be simple, but they are also beautiful in their minimalism.


Many of us still remember our baby blankets. The baby blanket is a beautiful custom, which often gets passed from generation to generation. But, many of us end up having more than one baby blanket, as many that are passed down in the family are almost too precious to be used in a conventional routine.

When a baby is spitting up, or feeling a bit sick, the last thing we want is for the repercussions to include the destruction, or at least another major stain, on the intergenerational baby blanket that has been passed down for generations on end.

This knit heart blanket is perfect for babies of any gender; as a unisex blanket, it is ideal for baby girls and baby boys, and there are not different colors to associate with opposing genders. This unisex blanket is best for children between 19 and 24 months- no, that is not necessarily always true, as some babies get big fast and other stay small for a long time. Made from cotton, the size is about 75 cm by 105 CM.

There is something so remarkably simple and beautiful about two tones on a blanket like this. Often, baby accessories are more colors than you can count, and they can be a little overwhelming; on the other hand, a knit heart blanket like this carries with it a sense of calm and serenity, and, of course, a profound sense of love, as indicated by the big heart.

A blanket like this is perfect for all purposes, and it is very durable, so it can handle all of those surprise incidents that a baby blanket is known to end up in from time to time.