LED Flamingo Fairy Lights

LED Flamingo Fairy Lights



  • Material: Plastic, Metal
  • Funky Design
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Voltage: 3V
  • Battery: 2 x AA (not included)
  • Flamingo Pendants 9.4cm
  • Length: 165cm



Pink, fun, and all sorts of funky. These quirky Flamingo fairy lights are precisely what is lacking from the parties that you've been throwing. With the ability to bring good vibes with unpretentious immediacy, they can enliven and enlighten the atmosphere of any space intended to facilitate light-hearted fun.
Available at an extremely affordable cost, these plastic and metal fairy lights make for a wonderful gift, or a fantastic party decoration for yourself, as well.

Battery-operated, energy-efficient, eye-catching, and substantial-- each flamingo is just under 10 cm in size, and the string from which it is hung stretches just over 1.5 meters.

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These fabulous LED Flamingo fairy lights are genuinely funky, fun, and able to easefully contribute to a lovely party environment, aura, and atmosphere.

Hanging by an unassuming wire, these plastic pink flamingos bring all sorts of zest and personality to any room that they end up being featured in. Why not showcase something with so much character?

Sometimes, for a specific party or any type of special occasion, you need a set of fairy lights that don't take themselves too seriously. Although they work best for special occasions, there are specific types of rooms and leisure areas that can entirely get away with having a set of flamingo fairy lights up once a year.

Ideal for beach parties, tropical themed parties, or anything that is fun and exotic, these flamingo string lights are battery-operated, only taking two AA batteries to run, and they are lauded for their low power consumption. The voltage is only 3 volts, which is also quite impressive for something that can provide light. The flamingo pendants themselves are just under 10 cm each, and the length of the string on which they are hung from is just slightly over one and a half meters.

This is a high quality plastic and metal flamingo light setup with a funky design, low power consumption, and a whole lot of fun waiting to be had. Go ahead and let yourself enjoy what is sure to be a conversation starter with whoever ends up being lucky enough to lay their eyes on them.


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