Magnetic Hourglass
Magnetic Hourglass
Magnetic Hourglass

Magnetic Hourglass

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For so long, hourglasses have served so many functions for humans; this particular hourglass can serve the function of contributing to the aesthetic of a room, contributing to its design in the process. Made from glass, solid wood, and iron filings with a magnetic presence, this black sand hourglass catches the eye with its evocative aura, bringing beauty to the passage of time.

Materials: Glass, Solid wood, Magnets, and Iron filings
Hourglass: 14cm high x 7cm diameter
Base: 8 x 8 x 2cm
Color: Black(sand) & Clear (glass)


A decorative hourglass such as this is an example of an antiquated item which we can be drawn to even though we don't necessarily need them to perform their original function.


Do you ever long for that classic sensation of watching the time pass through the witnessing of falling sand in glass? This phenomenon has become part of the human experience at this point.

This particular contraption is made of glass and wood, but it also depends on magnetic, iron filings within the black 'sand.' Rather than a standard hourglass, when the sand falls from the top of the bottom and sits dormant, rather than simply falling flat, these filings end up forming a very evocative, unique, and interesting shape. The magnetized base creates an energy which makes the filing stand up on end, as if they are some type of static ball. Of course, when the hourglass is shifted, the opposite occurs; so, you can watch these black sands (laced with iron) fall through the hourglass, and then watch the way that it stands when charged with magnetic energy, and then repeat the process.

It was not all too long ago that the hourglass was still considered to be a very useful way to track the time. Now, this invention has been repurposed- to say the least.

At 14 cm high x 7 cm in diameter, the base is made from wood which is carved in such a way that the bulbous shape of the hourglass rests within it. Once all of the sand and filings have fallen, you can turn the glass portion of the hourglass so that the opposing bulb now rests on the bottom, and the process will repeat itself. No, it is not necessary to have an hourglass in this day and age, but this particular piece of decor is very entrancing. This is the type of beautiful accessory which serves no necessary function, but retains value nonetheless; indeed, it is not uncommon to feel drawn to something that is not necessary.

A black sand hourglass like this will make an impact on any private or commercial room it is placed within, contributing to a wide variety of aesthetics and themes.