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Marble and Gold Coasters
Marble and Gold Coasters
Marble and Gold Coasters
Marble and Gold Coasters

Marble and Gold Coasters

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Modern and luxurious , this series of marble coasters like this makes a strong impression. Waterproof, heat-insulated, and non-slip, these gold trimmed surface-protectors find harmony between function and luxury, designed to be attractive to the eye and extremely durable. The perfect gift for your loved ones.

Important: Each coaster is sold individually

  • Modern Style
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Gold Dipped Marble
  • Waterproof, Heat-insulated and Non-Slip
  • Weight: 150g
  • Size: 4 x 4in (10 cm x 10 cm)

Available in octagonal, round, or square shapes, they are also substantial and sturdy items, weighing in at a reasonable 150 g.

Odd as it may seem, fine coasters are an example of the minor type of decor element which can truly tie a room together with a touch of class; take the opportunity to make an impression with your coasters by adding these dynamic decorations to your living room, dining room, office, or kitchen space.

When all of the major components of a room's design are complete, what is left to do but decorate? And, once your apparent decorations are set, what is left to focus on but the details? Coasters can play an important role in this procedure, and this series of marble ceramic coasters manages to achieve the find the rare balance between subtle, simple, and sophisticated. Available in an octagon shape, a round shape, or a square shape, each model of this series of coasters is gorgeous. Eye-catching in their appearance, these marble gold coasters make a strong impression on anyone who has the pleasure of setting their eyes on them.

Eco-friendly, insulated, and waterproof, this line of marble coasters is also designed to be non-slip, and each one weighs 150 grams. The design on each model, regardless of shape, is a combination of an elegant marble with a section of brilliant metallic gold. The simplicity of the design means that they will blend in with any room, while the distinguished class ensures they will stand out as exceptional.

The customer can order each coaster individually, choosing the shape (or shapes) which best suit their design taste.

Timeless, stylish, and durable, this a decorative element which will work well for an enormous amount of time. Marble has seemingly been a luxurious material since time immemorial, and continues to be so; in this design, the partnership of marble and gold is stunning and well-founded.

If you are looking for uncommon coasters which defy expectations and transcend their function to the point of being aesthetically incredible, these are absolutely the coasters for you.