Mini Pallet Wooden Coaster Set (3 Pieces)
Mini Pallet Wooden Coaster Set (3 Pieces)
Mini Pallet Wooden Coaster Set (3 Pieces)

Mini Pallet Wooden Coaster Set (3 Pieces)

Table Decoration & Accessories Type: Mats & Pads
Style: Europe
Material: Wood
Shape: Rectangle
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Quantity: 3 Piece Set

These mini pallet coasters are totally unique and cool. Whether you’ve realized it or not, the trend calling for all sorts of unique drink coasters just seems to be growing and growing, and it does not seem like the kind of fad that is going to see less of a demand in the coming years.

Shaped like small wooden commercial pallets and made in an eco-friendly fashion, a European influence can be seen in the design of such lovely coasters.

So, this "love of the little things" should not be taken lightly, and likely will not fade. With this in mind, there has never been a better time to purchase such a lovely three-piece set of unique drink coasters.

These European-style wooden mini-pallets make for fantastic coasters; eco-friendly and hip, they go above and beyond what you would expect a conventional coaster to be, and will surely make a cute and quirky statement when added to your kitchen or living room.

One order of these mini pallet coasters comes with three pieces, and of course, like all pallets, they stack very well. Made from wood, they are built and constructed just like regular pallets-- only about 1 / 200ths of the size. Due to the size and style, these are also far more appealing to invite into your home than a typical pallet would be!

We have all seen the impact that the industrial aesthetic has had on modern decor, but these tiny little pallets bring that to an original frontier. Obviously, it is essential to diversify your decor, and there are very few ways as affordable and effective to do so as the one offered here.

To be sure, even in the most luxurious of settings, there is still room for quirky and quaint touches of rustic simplicity. This, of course, is just one example of that down to remarkably well. Yes, there are a lot of unique coaster sets out there today, but this just may be the most charming that we have yet to stumble across, and for a very reasonable price. In a world full of moderns and millennials who love making appealing and aesthetically pleasing statements, whether it is hip or commercial, as industriously as possible- this is just part of the world we live in today.