Novelty Bottle Opener
Novelty Bottle Opener
Novelty Bottle Opener
Novelty Bottle Opener

Novelty Bottle Opener

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  • Eco-Friendly
  • Metal Type: Zinc alloy
  • Love: 10 x 4 cm
  • Pineapple: 10 X 4.5 cm
  • Flamingo:10 x 5.5 cm
  • Palm Tree: 10.3 X 7.5 cm


The best creative kitchenware is that which is resourceful, meaning that something simple which usually merely performs its function is created in such a way that it transcends this function, while still maintaining its ability to achieve its purpose; this is precisely what is offered here with this fantastic series of novelty bottle openers.

Made from zinc alloy, all four are equally lovely in very different ways. The flamingo, palm tree, pineapple, and “love” bottle opener each have a unique charm.

The gold color is beautiful and luxurious, even in such a simple way. So, next time you open a bottle, why not take yourself on a little trip? These bottle openers allow you to do just that-- to get away, even just for a split second.

 Why do we drink? Typically, when it comes to drinking, we are taking this action to either celebrate or get away. This line of bottle openers is evocative of both of those ideas. With themes of exploration, tropical exotics, and good vibes, these bottle openers get their point across. 

Made from eco-friendly zinc alloy- which is a very dependable, durable, and long-lasting metal type- there are four options to choose from, and each has its own distinct charm about it.

The first design is a palm tree. This finely detailed palm tree novelty bottle opener does exactly that. Usually, if you are far from the palm trees, you want to be transported back. This lovely little bottle opener may just do that, coming in at a modest size, perfect for a bottle opener, of about 10.3 CM by 7.5 CM, this is a fantastic choice if you want to be transported back to the land of the tropics. Or, if you are already in a tropical place, it works as a celebration of the fact that you are there. Speaking of tropical, the next bottle opener is shaped like a pineapple; this unique novelty bottle opener will at least bring you back to its time when the pineapples were fresh, and your toes were digging into the sand. Another exotic option is the flamingo bottle opener; this one is particularly clever, as the flamingo's standing leg is the part of the contraption that actually functions as a bottle opener-- whereas some of the others just use a tab attached to it at a somewhat arbitrary point, this creative use of the flamingo's leg makes the bottle opener even more charming than it already is. Finally, the fourth one is just the word "Love" written in cursive. On this model, the bottle opener element is one of the long lines stretching back from the 'L' in the word.

With zinc alloy as the base material, each design is equally lovely in a very way.