Pineapple Fairy Lights

Pineapple Fairy Lights

Regular price $25.95

  • Lighting Distance: 1-5m
  • Plug Type: EU Plug
  • Light Source: LED Bulbs
  • Length: 100cm
  • Bulbs Included
  • Style: Gold
  • Voltage: 1.2V
  • Power supply: 1M/1.5M/2M Battery 3M EU plug
  • Style temperature: 3500K
  • Emitting Style: Warm White
  • Battery: Yes 3x AA (not included)

These pineapple fairy lights are totally charming. Emitting a warm, white light, they work will enlighten a 1-5 meter space with their gentle and quirky presence.

Likely not the best primary light in most spaces, whimsical fairy lights like this function perfectly as an aesthetic contributor in several environments- inside, outside, and in-between!

Constructed with high-quality plastic, these pineapple-shaped fairy lights are a quirky decoration which provides light using either batteries or by plugging into the wall or electrical circuit- depending on which of the four options is chosen. The 3 meter, 20-bulb option uses an EU plug, for example, while the rest use three AAA batteries. Every option adds a gentle touch of light in a room, emitting warm white with a 1.2 V charge.

All of the required LED bulbs needed for these lights to operate are included in the purchase. It is important to note, however, that the three AAA batteries are not.

Lovely, gold, and pineapple-shaped, these fun fairy lights are easy to love. As they emit a warm & gentle white light, they will also add a whimsical touch of decoration to any space in which they light.

Quirky and cool, these golden pineapples do a lot more than just provide light- they help define an entire atmosphere or environment.

One strand of these lights stretches one entire meter, providing light for their 1-5 meters of surrounding space in the process (depending on which size is chosen).

There are four options in regards to size. The two-meter-long string features 20 LED bulbs, while the 1.5-meter and 1-meter have just ten. All three of these work with batteries, rather than an EU plug. The 3-meter, 20-bulb option, however, works with an EU plug, rather than batteries.

Functioning more effectively as auxiliary lights rather than a primary source of light, fairy lights like this can be placed anywhere at any time to contribute to any type of festive feeling!

Constructed entirely from quality plastic, the various models either shine using power provided by three AAA batteries or by plugging in. The 3 meter EU plug-in will require an adapter for North American residences, but the other three models use three AAA batteries instead of a wall plug-in. Regardless, the light is by no means blinding, as these little pineapples emit with a subtle 1.2 V charge.

Inside of the plastic pineapples are LED bulbs, which are included in the purchase.

Fairy lights like these just don't take themselves too seriously, making a fun, sophisticated statement.