Pink Geometry Canvas
Pink Geometry Canvas
Pink Geometry Canvas
Pink Geometry Canvas

Pink Geometry Canvas

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Please note all of our canvases come unframed and unstretched.
  • Modern Abstract Art
  • Canvas
  • Unframed
  • Waterproof Ink
  • Spray Painting

Nothing quite brings a room together like beautiful and interesting art on the walls. Each of the three pieces in this abstract series makes its own unique contribution to a geometric theme.

Printed on canvas with incredible precision, the impeccably combined shapes and colors utilized in these works are evocative and stimulating.Like most abstract art, the images are not irrelevant to anybody, as each person who experiences it will have their own feelings and thoughts associated with the art.

There are six sizes to choose from, ranging from 23 x 30 cm to 60 x 80 cm- like the images themselves, the range of space the work takes up makes these works adaptable to a wide variety of private and commercial locales.

It doesn't take all too much life experience to learn that a room needs art on the walls to feel complete; and yet sometimes, when we are considering the necessities of life, it seems like purchasing art for our spaces is one of the last things that we end up doing for ourselves. This particular series of abstract geometric canvas prints proves that exciting art can be accessible.

With this particular series, there are three different pieces; each one has its own merits. The first is by far the simplest. It is just two circles, one of them is pink and translucent, while another one is dynamic in that the bottom half is completely black, and the top half is fading into white. Where the white begins, is roughly where the two different circles intersect, with the pink one being smaller. One of the others is quite similar to this, but instead of rings, it uses triangles. The third in the series tickles the mind and is objectively the most abstract of the three. Although the trio harmonizes beautifully as a series, each of three stands strong on its own, too.

Each of these pieces is well-suited to contribute to a wide variety of rooms.

The pieces each come in your choice of six sizes. The smallest size is 9.06 by 11.81 inches (or 23 by 30 cm). The next is 13.78 by 19.69 inches (or 35 x 50 cm). The medium size, right in the middle, is 15.75 x 23.62 inches, or 40 x 60 cm. The second largest is 19.69 x 27.56 inches (or 50 x 70 cm). Finally, the largest of the six is 23.62 by 31.50 inches or 60 x 80 cm. When one starts to imagine the different potential combinations of these various prints, regarding their designs and their sizes, one starts to realize that there is an abundance of compelling possibilities.

All three works are definitively in the vein of the modern abstract field of art, which is entirely excellent and ends up shooting a wide variety of home and professional settings, as the art is up for interpretation. These works function as a conversation starter, but also as much more than that; they are an injection of sophistication, provocation, and fine art.