Pom Pom Newborn Blanket
Pom Pom Newborn Blanket

Pom Pom Newborn Blanket

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  • Unisex
  • Newborn - 12 months
  • Dot Pattern
  • Soft Yarn
  • 40-55 x 50-55cm
  • Cotton, Wool
This pom pom blanket for newborns is the epitome of adorable; the only thing that sweeter is- of course- the beloved infants lucky enough to rest within the warmth of this lovely cover. Pom pom blankets are quaint, cute, beautiful, and- more importantly than anything else- extremely comfortable.

Understandably, these features have made this blanket beloved by babies!

A sweet comforter which works for all newborns- regardless of biological sex- Even though many babies will begin to ‘grow out’ of the blanket after about 12 months, this cute cover can still be used as a secondary blanket or ‘casual’ warmer, in conjunction with another, as babies won't stop loving this cotton wool recipe for comfort!
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This heavenly pom pom blanket is lovely, delicate, and impressively woven source of comfort for infants, expertly woven with the softest cotton wool. The polka dot pattern is totally timeless; there is nothing to suggest that this classic pattern will go out of fashion anytime in the near future.

The cotton wool and soft yarn all join together to create a beautiful, cozy blanket that every newborn will love, and will work wonderfully for babies of any gender. Beautiful boys and girls alike are well-suited to this sweet little blanket. With some rare exemptions, this blanket is perfectly suited for any little one until they reach the approximate age of one year old- though it is not at all uncommon for infants to fall in love with their covers, and they are not likely to part with their favorite source of comfort easily! At 40-55 cm x 50-55 cm, it isn’t going to last forever as a primary blanket, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be more uses for it down the road-- whether it is used as a casual cover, a secondary blanket, or given to the next newborn in your life, this a durable blanket which will stands the test of time!

Whether the gift is for your own baby, or for the baby if somebody else among your group of friends and families, there is no reason that this blanket won't go unappreciated. Pom pom blankets are all the rage-- and for a good reason! They are adorable, elegant, and beloved by babies and parents alike.

Anything that helps a baby finds comfort and rest is something to be genuinely cherished, and this blanket does precisely that. When you give this gift to a baby in your life, you are also giving a gift to that parent.

All in all, there are few pom pom blankets as soft, sweet, and beautiful as this one, which is perfect for infants in its appearance as well as its vital function: to make the young ones happy and comfortable in their first year of life.


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