Rainbow Clouds Piggy Bank
Rainbow Clouds Piggy Bank

Rainbow Clouds Piggy Bank


  • Blocks Type
  • Piggy Bank
  • Wood
  • Cloud Size: 29 x 18 x 3cm
  • Unicorn Size: 23 x 20 x 3cm



With an aesthetic akin to wooden blocks, these sturdily constructed decorations are a lot more than just cute piggy banks.

Made from wood and shaped like beautiful, mystical symbols, these accessories look terrific in a living room or bedroom, even if they are not being used for banking purposes. But when you do put one to use-- what could make a cooler accessory than a rainbow or unicorn shaped piggy bank?

One model is a unicorn while the other is a rainbow; the rainbow (complete with cloud) is 29 CM x 18 CM x 3 CM, while the unicorn model is 23 CM x 20 CM x 3 CM. Rainbows? Unicorns? If this isn’t enough to get you giddy and giggling, we don’t know what is!


Adorable. Playful. Sweet.

If you thought that piggy banks were a thing of the past-- and it sure seemed like they might have been- you’ve clearly not treated your eyes to this cute piggy bank series. The product comes in two currently available variations; at this point, customers can choose between one model which is a tri-tone rainbow atop a fluffy white cloud, and another, which is the restful head, neck, and face of a unicorn. The unicorn’s visible eye is closed, and it seems like the creature is in the tranquil place that such a beautiful, peacefully, the lovely decoration is meant to put those who spend time admiring it: a profoundly peaceful state.

The transparent element of the ‘bank’ section of this item shows the contents of the insides at all times, so this owner of this cute piggy bank can keep track of roughly how much money they have stored inside at all times. What could be more comfortable than a rainbow on the sill, reminding you that, should you need a little bit of extra cash, there is some waiting for you? These work fantastically as functional decor in any room within the house.

These are multifunctional products that work perfectly as gifts to the younger ones in your life, but also add a sweet touch to a solely adult home, too. Perfect for kids, but, then again, why not purchase one as an adult? Why do we lose our childish joy and love for the beautiful things in life, as well as the simple?

The rainbow-cloud and the unicorn are roughly the same sizes, but ever so slightly different. The rainbow / cloud is 29 CM x 18 CM x 3 CM, while the unicorn model is 23 CM x 20 CM x 3 CM.

These wooden, hand-painted novelty piggy banks are the finest in piggy-banking, and that is almost definitely not an overstatement.

The artistic vibe of this particular product is one of playful luxury- it’s likely as close to sophistication as something inherently childish, playful, and imaginative can become. Like wooden blocks with a defined purpose, and finished in a color palette that will enliven any room, these unicorns and rainbows are perfect for nurturing the spirit of any child- including your inner one.