Retro Night Light
Retro Night Light
Retro Night Light
Retro Night Light
Retro Night Light

Retro Night Light

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The addition of a subtle night lamp like this can make a subtle stylistic impact on any room it lights up; although night lights are often thought to be aimed toward children, this product is designed to appeal to low-maintenance, refined adults with sophisticated taste in the simple things. 

  • Rechargeable battery via USB with full charge lasting 12 hours.
  • High quality LED bulbs that lasts 80000 hours.
  • Technical glass shape increases permeability by 30%

Light Source: LED Bulbs
Voltage: 5V

If you need a light in the dark, this vintage minimalist lamp is the solution for you. Sometimes, decor in the minimalist style has a habit of appearing inconsequential or uninteresting- in this case, that is entirely not true.

Easy to operate, easy to look at, and easy to take advantage of the fantastic price this night light is being sold at; really, this deal just makes sense.

With a vintage minimalist style that will never impose on any stylistic theme, this excellent night light is the type of product that generously contributes to the overall aesthetic of a room.

Indeed, this light fits in any bedroom, living room, or other space- as far as well can tell, it is difficult to find such an adaptable light that still makes itself known. Even though this night light has the uncanny ability to blend, that does not mean it will disappear in a room. No, this little light source truly shines in every sense of the word.

Night lights are not just for kids anymore- this vintage night light has a rustic chic that so many other lamps and light sources sorely lack; this is a perfect lamp for adults who like to approach the lo-fi with class.

The entire contraption is hardly more substantial in size than a light bulb, and, despite the minimalist style, the amount of light coming out of this bright contraption is definitely not too little- no, it just happens to be the right amount. The item can be purchased in either gold or black.

This luxurious light source does not just get by on its looks, however-- what would be the fun in that? No, this retro night light has some proper substance to it, too. We live in an exciting time- a time where rechargeable batteries can be charged via USB. How convenient! These rechargeable batteries can last twelve complete hours, as well, so you will not often be left in the dark! The bulbs themselves are high-quality, top of the line LED bulbs, and they are known to last for roughly 80,000 hours before needing to be changed- and that’s 80,000 hours of being ‘on,’ not just 80,000 hours total!