Rose Gold Plant Hanger
Rose Gold Plant Hanger

Rose Gold Plant Hanger

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  • Modern Chic Style
  • Geometric
  • Material: Iron
This modern-style geometric plant hanger is a cutting edge decoration which breaks many conventions used in the design of standard plant holders.

This rose gold planter is genuinely decadent. This medium-sized decoration manages to remain down-to-earth… even though it never touches the ground!

Despite the notably distinct design, the hanger can gel with a wide variety of themes in a range of settings: any room in the home or office can stand to benefit from such a stylish and inventive hanger.

It is rare to stumble on such a fabulous way to keep your potted plants. Why not be just a little adventurous with your decor? An iron geometric hanger like this is a bold statement in itself.
Modern, compelling, and elegant in the highest sense of the world. It should not be ignored that this suspended holder allows for an alternative to the bulky furniture- such as shelving units and tables- that we often use to store plants, and in doing so, presents a creative method for allowing your plants to exist eye-level. Doing so, the flowers are showcased at an optimal height while simultaneously occupying a tremendously small amount of surface area. Through using this rose gold planter, your potted plants will be displayed and showcased in a subtle iron hanger which tests the limits between understated and bold.

Whether you choose to add this modern-style plant hanger to your home, office, or otherwise- it will do more than just provide a fresh alternative to a conventional option. These hangers also bring a fresh new aesthetic to any room. Coming down from the ceiling, hangers are known for contributing to the cohesive decor of any space with a quirky and relaxed vibe while performing an important function- but this geometric iron hanger brings this out beyond the level of nuance.

Rose-gold, evocative iron decorations such as these are for those who desire fresh approaches to traditional decorative items.

This geometrically-intriguing, fashionable, and inspiring hanging planter makes a strong first impression; the rose gold, modern-style ironwork is distinct from any other hanging planter. The color naturally enhances a warmth which iron usually dampers, and this modern-style hanger easefully adds an evocative touch to your private or public decor.

Nestled in a nest made from golden iron, this planet remains cozy and warm in a contradictory way. Unlike most ironwork, this gold rose planter still exudes warmth and delicacy, as the flowers rest in this iron basket, gently and safely hanging. The use of iron, empty space, and general modern design means that this hanger indeed is hip to the core.

The wattage on this night light gets to about 0-5 W, the voltage is 5 volts, and the light itself shines brighter due to increased permeability created by the technical glass shape.