Skov™ - Wooden Cutlery Set
Skov™ - Wooden Cutlery Set

Skov™ - Wooden Cutlery Set

Gorgeously organic, this exquisite dinnerware sets feature beautiful forks and spoons made from gorgeous Nanmu wood.  Designed and constructed in an entirely eco-friendly manner, this wooden cutlery set is light, portable, and subtle in its high level of convenient luxury.

  • Dinnerware Sets
  • CIQ,CE / EU,FDA,LFGB,SGS Certified
  • Hand painted
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Nanmu Wood
  • Exquisite, Light and Portable
  • 1x Fork & 1x Spoon

Each set contains one fork and one spoon.

These sets are available with glamorous black or light brown wraps around the base of each item in the collection or without this feature. With or without this wrap, the cutlery has a refined aesthetic based on the bright, natural tone of the wood’s stain.

Sometimes, the most low-maintenance approach is the most fruitful on the path to sophisticated distinction. For example, these exquisite, light, and portable dinnerware sets are undeniably beautiful pairs of wooden forks and spoons. 

Carved from subtly stunning nanmu wood, this set proves that decadence can form a happy marriage with eco-friendly production. Environmentally responsible and gorgeous, this is a set of cutlery you can feel fantastic about using.

However, one set may not entirely be enough. As each set contains one fork and one spoon, it is relatively likely that many will want to add several pairs to their collection of wares. Luckily, luxury is affordable in this rare instance, and each set of this wooden cutlery represents a substantial amount of value and consumer-friendliness.

It mustn’t go unmentioned that there is a refreshing level of customization to the product, as well. The set pair can be purchased with a distinguished wrap around the base of both the fork and the spoon; a classic black or evocative light brown are both available, just as it is also an option to choose to order the fork and spoon without any wrap whatsoever.

Any doubts regarding the excellent quality of these sets can safely be cast aside with the consideration of the CIQ, FDA, LFGB, SGS, and FDA certification received by the product.

A signature addition to any dinnerware repertoire, these lovely nanmu wood fork & spoon sets are reliable, long-lasting, and aesthetically impressive.