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Slate Serving Tray
Slate Serving Tray
Slate Serving Tray

Slate Serving Tray

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  • Eco-Friendly
  • Hand Painted
  • Material: Slate

These creatively constructed slate serving trays are perfect examples of quirky simplicity, subtle resourcefulness, and undeniable creativity in style.

Like the material used to construct these trays, the design is simple and effective. This array of trays is unique, functional, and classy.

Each of the four options in this set is distinct from the other, but, despite their unique charms, they are all equally compelling. The options differ in size and shape, but share a common purpose.

Hand-painted and made from high-quality slate, anybody who appreciates a rustic dash of flare in their domestic life will surely enjoy the organic appeal of these trays.

Sometimes, you just want the common elements of life to take on a sort of personality; with so many aspects of our home decor, we have the opportunity to infuse new quirks and creative solutions. So, why not try the same with your serving dishes? Yes, we are at a time where the simple has become the profound- the slate serving trays we are offering are the epitome of precisely this. Each dish is quite beautiful in its design. Your guests will be impressed. Not every day does the opportunity to serve or eat a meal off of something so raw and bold- each one of these slate serving dishes transforms this relative rarity into a reality.

Although this slate kitchenware, in particular, is a peculiar concept, the execution is compelling and elegant. These slate trays represent exquisite elements of your potential kitchen repertoire, defying the odds to do so.

Anybody who purchases these slate trays is giving themselves an addition to their repertoire that is unique, sturdy, dependable, and fashionable. They also work well for gifts; if someone in your life loves alternative takes on domestic fixtures, this is a perfect purchase. Those who like to blend the sophisticated and the simple will love this slate serving tray. With this in mind, they make for excellent gifts for all sorts of people and occasions, including birthdays, holidays, weddings, and showers.

There are four different options to choose from in this set of slate trays. Each is distinctly unique, but despite their individual charms, they are all equally compelling- in their way. The “large cloud” is particularly stunning in its simple design- the perimeter of the plate is shaped as though the tray were an illustrated two-dimensional cloud. There is something acutely poetic about this contradictory image- a little black cloud. There are also two sizes of rectangular sushi plates. Unlike the cloud, these shapes are as simple as can be, which allows one to see the rough detail on the tray’s edges- bringing the entire concept to life through its sophisticated ease. Finally, the “Natural Edge” model is the most like a serving tray and the least like a plate. The tray comes complete with a handle, too, which allows for easy serving and quaint functionality.

These trays are eco-friendly, hand-painted, and made from high-grade slate. They are works of excellent craftsmanship and act as an affordable dose of luxury.