Soft Fleece Blanket

Soft Fleece Blanket

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  • Soft, Fleece
  • Weight: 1.48-1.65kg
  • Knitted
  • 100% Polyester
Simple, stylish, and undoubtedly able to adapt to a wide range of rooms and environments- this soft fleece blanket is one of the coziest you will come across.The gray and white color scheme blends harmoniously with many different design themes.

Because these blankets are 100% polyester, they are entirely machine-washable, extremely comfortable, and incredibly convenient. They work well in a bedroom or a living room and are also ideal for taking out of the house, too-- low maintenance, high comfort!

People of all ages love coziness and comfort provided by these finely-knitted polyester covers, which can be purchased in two different sizes.

These soft fleece blankets manage to work very well for all ages, and they can be used in a variety of scenarios. With a basic gray and white color scheme, these wonderfully knitted polyester blankets.

These blankets work wonderfully in bedrooms and living spaces around the house. Besides their typical use in the home, such soft fleece blankets are perfect to take on the road- they can function at their best in transit and the outdoors, as well!

Loved by infants, children, adults, and seniors, people purchase these soft fleece blankets for their use, as gifts for their families, as donations for charitable organizations, and even for their pets. Around the holidays, many people donate blankets like this to local charities and organizations in need- and, when they do, they often end up buying one for themselves, too!

Also, the blanket comes in two different sizes, which are subtly different, but the difference can be major if you require a blanket for a specific purpose. Due to this, you can choose between a blanket with dimensions of 150 x 200 CM (60 x 80 inch) and 130 x 150 CM (50 x 60 inch). The design is just as simple as it should be, with one site being entirely gray, and the other juxtaposing that with a bright burst of white. At only 1.48-1.65 kg, these blankets find a perfect balance between ease of travel and comfort- they are entirely portable!

The 100% polyester blanket is one of the most popular styles of blanket in existence, and this sweet fleece blanket sets a high bar for others to reach.