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Canopy Teepee Curtain
Canopy Teepee Curtain
Canopy Teepee Curtain

Canopy Teepee Curtain

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  • Nordic Style
  • Cotton, Linen
  • Circular Shape
  • Height: 240cm
Decadent and adorable, this brilliant Nordic style canopy is elegant in its appearance. A fine example of a baby canopy for cribs, this unique drapery is sure to contribute a quaint beauty to the sleeping space of any infant with its gentle touch of color and a luxurious presence.

The selection of potential colors includes pink, white, blue, and pastel pink- each being a wonderful shade which can blend with- or even define- an entire theme of a room. Made with wonderful cotton linen, these cozy curtains hang down in a circular shape from the ceiling, adding a brilliant final touch on even the sweetest of spaces.

At 2.4 meters tall, the beautiful canopy teepee curtain is substantial in its height and has the genuine ability to bring a baby’s sleeping space together.

This beautiful canopy drapes over a crib in the traditional Nordic style. Overall, the general impression which the canopy exudes is one of abundant comfort, color, and warmth; it is a highly stylized version of this particular type of product. There are several excellent colors to choose from; there is a beautiful dull pink, an equally relaxed shade of blue, a heavenly draping white which will blend in with almost any theme, and a fuller “pastel” pink which is also quite magnificent.

Typically the baby canopy for cribs is hung from the ceiling-- or just below the ceiling. With the different color options, it is possible to find a canopy that will fit perfectly in any infant’s room, and it will instantly add a real element of positivity- the aesthetic provided by this one home decor item is so immense that it becomes difficult to quantify.

As different colors are offered, you can choose the option which best suits the theme the baby’s room. These are entirely affordable for new parents, but they also make fantastic gift ideas for the young families in your life!

The canopy is made from cotton linen and also has quite a substantial height, at 240 cm (2.4 meters or 94 inches).

The material which makes up the canopy is high-grade cotton linen, which hangs down from the circular ring; the ring which the canopy drops from creates a shape akin to an open cylinder which is protective, decorative, and safe.