Vintage Tabletop Vase
Vintage Tabletop Vase
Vintage Tabletop Vase
Vintage Tabletop Vase
Vintage Tabletop Vase

Vintage Tabletop Vase

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  • Style: Vintage
  • Material: Glass & Crystal
  • Function: Tabletop Vase
  • Size
  • Triple = 28 x 14 cm (11 x 5.5 in) 
  • Double = 22 x 14 cm (8.2 x 5.5 in) 
  • Single = 16 x 14 cm (6.6 x 5.5 in) 

Designed with great creativity and resourcefulness, this unique vase bears all of the essential qualities of the classic home decor item without abiding the established exhausted conventions, making a unique contribution to any room, home, or office it finds itself in.

This vase is so decorative that one can almost forget it admirably serves a practical purpose: keeping plants healthy and alive within the house.

This charming little crystal & glass vase can be purchased with one, two, or three bulbs suspended from the horizontal bar, which is upheld on either end by a vintage wooden frame.

For those of any age who appreciate quirky decor elements which still retain an element of sophistication, there is no reason not to love this magnificent little vase!

Fun, understated, and undoubtedly stylish.This vintage vase breaks every convention of what you would commonly associate with the design element of a “vase” while perfectly performing the same function. There is something so heartening, humble, and rustic about this lovely contributor to a room’s decor.

Where so many jars are clunky and opaque- in this vase, you see the entire stem through the bulbous glass, which hangs sturdily, fastened to a bar held up by a vintage wooden frame. Designed with great creativity and resourcefulness, this unique vase is still undoubtedly a vase, bearing all of the essential qualities of the classic home decor element without abiding by the traditional, exhausted conventions. It’s healthy to have live plants in any part of the home where we find ourselves spending time; further, it is also pleasing to keep those plants in their own fashionable home.

Completely charming, this excellent example of a vase is too timeless to fall into the “out of style” trap. A unique product like this appeals to anybody who appreciates the undeniable charm of unconventional odds and ends; those who prefer alternative reimaginations rather than traditional takes on decorative items will love this charming vase.

Although the design hardly changes at all, there are three different models of this tabletop vase: single, double, and triple. The only significant difference between any of the three is the number of glass bulbs (or, the actual ‘vase’ element of the piece, as it were). One, two, or three bulb versions of the product are available, and each has its particular charm-- really, it’s hard to say if one is better than the other, but hopefully, you can pick a favorite between the three.

The combination of wood and glass, of classy crystal and lo-fi rustic, ends up working on multiple levels. The bulbs come to life when filled with water and the stems of the plants which are placed in, no matter how much or how little ends up resting in the bulb. The slightly charred and aged wood, fastened with an eclectic array of odds-and-ends screws and nails, creates an image of unpretentious playfulness: the absolute best of folk art.

You want an accent of class to liven up our living spaces, and you appreciate when the simple things can be gracefully and beautifully represented; this is the vintage tabletop vase for you.