Cactus Canvas Wall Art
Cactus Canvas Wall Art
Cactus Canvas Wall Art
Cactus Canvas Wall Art
Cactus Canvas Wall Art

Cactus Canvas Wall Art

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Please note all of our canvases come rolled and are unframed and unstretched.
  • Quirky Modern Style
  • Premium Cotton Rolled Canvas
  • Unframed and Unstreched
  • Waterproof Ink
  • High-Resolution Print

    Perfect for the home or office, or even as a gift, this modern series of cactus-themed art on canvas is a creative revelation. 

    This collection is perfect for art lovers, and yet each individual piece works well on its own, too. 

    All four of the different cactus designs are available in one of six sizes, which cover a vast range of sizes. The four-piece set features each of the four works, all in the same size as each other. 

    These are high-quality prints on canvas; expertise, execution, and resourcefulness have been combined to create a cost-effective collection that any art connoisseur can appreciate.

    Art is known to breathe life into any setting or scenario, and these artistic renderings of desert plant life are done in a way that perfectly balances minimalism and detail, color and shadow, and sophistication with simplicity. Each of the four modern-style pieces has been printed on high-grade canvas. The image is exceptionally high-resolution, to the point where one can hardly tell it’s been printed at all. There is no frame, which keeps the piece appearing casual, even though it is adding a professional presence and touch to any room that it is hung in.

    These cactus prints look as though they belong in a gallery, and will add a dash of class to whichever wall they are hanged upon. Within the home, art like this, which plays so perfectly on the line between casual and sophisticated, can organically blend into nearly any room- from the bedroom to the living room, bathroom, hallway, or kitchen.

    It is not every day that you are given the opportunity to purchase an entire set of art at an affordable rate, but a four-piece set of these unframed cactus pieces provides you with this rare occasion. These works are perfect for art lovers who can not typically afford an entire collection or series. 

    Each piece in this rectangular canvas art series is available in six sizes: 8.27 X 11.81 inches (21 x 30 CM), 11.81 x 15.57 inches (30 x 40 CM), 15.75 X 19.69 CM), 19.69 X 27.56 inches (50X70 CM), 23.62 X 31.50 inches (60X80 CM), and 27.56 X 39.37 inches (70X100 CM). Each of the four designs is just as impressive as the other-- objectively speaking. However, the pieces are significantly different-- despite their mostly identical color schemes. For this reason, they function very well as a set of four, working together to create a compelling combination.

    These WaterStyle prints impress with their high-quality ink and canvas. 

    If you are looking for a simple dash of classy art for your home or office situation, these cactus prints are wonderfully minimalist, delicately designed, and thought-provoking. Despite the undeniable quality, this set of works remains agreeable and affordable!