Wooden Coaster Set (6 Pieces)

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  • Natural Wood
  • Round Shape Coasters
  • Eco-Friendly
  • 6 Piece Set

This beautiful wooden coaster set brings an atmospheric splash of modern organic ambiance that can contribute to the aesthetic of any room. The coasters come in a set of six pieces, and the pieces within that set are available in several sizes- from 6 x 6.5 cm to 6 x 13 cm. There are four different sizes of these circular coasters to choose from. All coasters are made from the same eco-friendly source of natural wood.

Whether the theme of a home or office is already suited to a woodsy, folk-art feel, or the coasters would be bringing that touch to a more urban or cosmopolitan atmosphere-- these useful wooden circles are equally able to make a cost-effective difference.
These unique coasters will blend into any living room, dining room, bar, or office setting, appealing to anyone with a refined taste for the confluence of nature within urbanity.

Hip. Simple. Subtly sophisticated.

This trendy set of wooden coasters is perfect for the rustic sentimentalities and tastes of the modern day. In an age of increased modernization, the hunger for natural and organic flares has continued to grow. These wood coaster sets are simple and beautiful, making a humble and modest contribution to a setting that brings us all back to the natural world, even in an undeniably urban atmosphere.

Wooden coasters are perfect for protecting your tables and surfaces from cup rings, while simultaneously adding a dash of rustic decor. These natural wood coasters are elegant in their natural presence, providing a delicate touch of protective, practical design for the tables in your home or office. Still, even when they are not in use, these cool woodsy coasters enhance the aesthetic of any room they may end up in.

Perfect for those looking to add a dash of folk art sophistication to their spaces, these coasters are perfect for anybody who has grown tired of living amongst the mundanity of everyday decor, such as “standard” coasters. The time has undoubtedly come to branch out and try these eco-friendly, natural wood round-shaped coasters. A set of six, at the size of your choice, will surely fulfill your wishes. These six-packs of wood coasters make for a wonderful gift idea which can be appreciated by a wide variety of people.

Although there are four different sizes of these circular coasters, the set of six will all be in the size which you prefer. The price of the collection is also dependent on the size which is chosen. For example, the six packs of the 6 x 6.5 CM are cheaper than the 6 x 7.5 CM, which is less expensive than the 6 x 11 CM, which, naturally are less costly than the 6 x 13 CM.

As the coasters are made from natural wood, the fact that these coasters in environmentally-friendly must not go unmentioned.

Straightforward but dynamic, classy but natural, and significant but affordable. Washing these coasters is best done by hand rather than by machine- but, still, they are remarkably dependable, durable, and easy to maintain.